Photo by @amivitale. The rugged lands of northern Kenya call me back over and over again. Here, its craggy peaks unfold. Waiting in the distance is on - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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JaKru (@photogrouund)
photogrouund23.01.2019 22:02:11

I like!

India Bulkeley Photography (@indiabulkeley)
indiabulkeley23.01.2019 20:13:06

Stunning photo of a very special place!

Power Medical Supplies ™ (@powermedicalsupplies)
powermedicalsupplies24.01.2019 08:31:51

Super cool :)

cemansur24.01.2019 05:31:53

👍👌 👏

Araceli Ramirez (@korey_ramirez2705)
korey_ramirez270524.01.2019 05:20:13

Uuuf es inmensa y bella 😍❤️❤️😘

Alex_Sanche (@i_love_sanche)
i_love_sanche24.01.2019 02:35:40

Wanna walk this road 👍👍👍

William Smith (@billsmith2315)
billsmith231524.01.2019 01:58:51

This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing

Travel l Nature l Vacations (
wayfarer.now24.01.2019 01:05:06

Stunning landscape. Very harsh though. At least it looks that way in this photo.

M. (@micka.blank)
micka.blank23.01.2019 22:45:55

Wow 🔥

Anastasia (@anastasia_wida)
anastasia_wida23.01.2019 21:40:31


Range Collective (@rangecollective)
rangecollective23.01.2019 20:57:02


Juli Frampton (@jwframpton)
jwframpton23.01.2019 19:08:25


Prateek Nayak (@pratyykpix)
pratyykpix23.01.2019 18:36:46

Amazing feed Visit my pictures to see Indian adventures when you have time😊

Audra Lakatos (@akaspongy)
akaspongy23.01.2019 17:35:12

Beautiful! 🙌

Aerocruise (@aerocruise_aircharters)
aerocruise_aircharters23.01.2019 17:32:25

Beautiful! So many fond memories made in this place.

kzyarsln (@kzyarsl)
kzyarsl23.01.2019 17:25:24


Georgina Goodwin (@ggkenya)
ggkenya23.01.2019 17:18:01


Chris Palmer (@cwarrengallery)
cwarrengallery23.01.2019 17:14:01

Great exposure love how the road takes you deep into the frame well done

Natgeo (@natgeosafari)
natgeosafari23.01.2019 17:10:36


KEŞFETTEN GELENLER DM (@ilksigaramdn.x)
ilksigaramdn.x24.01.2019 07:31:09

güncel bilgiler paranormal olaylar sayfamızda davetlisiniz ❣

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