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Martin Esquivel (@tin_esquivel)
tin_esquivel08.06.2019 01:39:19

Who in their right mind would even compare

Austin Wolak (@awolak)
awolak08.06.2019 01:46:28

Toyota Prius or P100D?

Shane McLaughlin (@shanemcquafflin)
shanemcquafflin08.06.2019 01:38:22

I love my Mustang and Ford did an incredible job on the GT500, but you’d be crazy to pick it over even a base model 488

Sasha Snigour (@sashasnigour)
sashasnigour08.06.2019 01:37:53

Is that actually a question? Lol Ferrari

John Miller (@johnmillervevo)
johnmillervevo08.06.2019 01:54:55

Who tf wouldn't choose the Lamborghini...

Simply Photography (@lxs_lnn_photography)
lxs_lnn_photography08.06.2019 02:57:41

Shelby. Because I’d actually drive it instead of letting collect dust in my drive way

Murilo Rosella (@moooorilo)
moooorilo08.06.2019 03:53:58

Is this a joke?

Yordi Villarce (@yordivillarce)
yordivillarce08.06.2019 01:40:43

Obviously... the 488...

Mohamad Aldira (@mohamad.aldira)
mohamad.aldira08.06.2019 02:02:45

Top : Men, Below: Woman

Mike Moore (@mikemphotos)
mikemphotos08.06.2019 03:59:24


John Hendriks (@john_hendriks_)
john_hendriks_08.06.2019 05:15:48

Shelby 100%

Gabe (@dfwcarspotter)
dfwcarspotter08.06.2019 04:17:30


Cole Anderson (Coco) (@cocotanderson)
cocotanderson08.06.2019 06:22:30

I’d take the 488 then sell it and get 4 gt500s

SoeR. 🚗 🚲 (@soerdercaba)
soerdercaba08.06.2019 07:20:58


Edward Bratkov (@edward_bratkov)
edward_bratkov08.06.2019 06:05:36

Only if the gt500 comes in manual.

Pedro Lucas Lobato Munhoz (@pedro_lucas_32)
pedro_lucas_3208.06.2019 06:35:13

Shelby, obvius

Chris (@boostedfirebird)
boostedfirebird08.06.2019 05:08:14

This question is fake news.

Nathan Alder (@nathan_2k01)
nathan_2k0108.06.2019 07:58:42

The GT500, it’s more affordable and it’s also legendary American muscle. Who wouldn’t pick ?

凱 ➕✖️ (@byangkai)
byangkai08.06.2019 04:54:41


Nico Fanjul (@nico.fanjul)
nico.fanjul14.06.2019 01:35:55

You must be joking

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