We wrote a blog post a few years ago about how there will inevitably be moments where people use our articles and guides - or draw so - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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Worldee (@worldee_app)
worldee_app08.04.2019 19:48:43

Ecuador ❤️

Roseny Francois (@rosenyfrancois)
rosenyfrancois08.04.2019 17:33:04


Angela + Audriana | Podcasters (@theramblinggals)
theramblinggals08.04.2019 14:45:02

I have actually heard great things about Guayaquil. I think it all depends on what you are expecting when you visit a place, there's always something cool to discover!

Betsy Lester (@uncle_betsy_lester)
uncle_betsy_lester08.04.2019 14:11:55

Dances amongst giant cigarettes

Andrea & Samir 👫🇪🇨 (@viajalavida)
viajalavida08.04.2019 14:04:50

Thanks for visited our city 😊

Intentional Living Mentor (@joellephua_)
joellephua_08.04.2019 09:48:43

Oooh those liness😍😍

Anni + Chris (@badatplanning)
badatplanning08.04.2019 08:33:00

We gave Guayaquil a try last year for a couple days, and wanted to like it, but unfortunately the only part we enjoyed was the relatively modern and clean bus station. The waterfront promenade was... fine, I guess? And there was that little park with iguanas in it that was cute? 😕

Mon (@monnchris)
monnchris08.04.2019 06:54:43

I enjoyed watching people feed the iguanas with lettuce

jakecphotos108.04.2019 04:11:01

Excellent shot!

Jin Chu-Ferrer (@jinchuferrer)
jinchuferrer08.04.2019 01:57:19

Lol there are only a few places in the world that I have been kinda disappointed by. But Guayaquil sounds like a different kind of travel fun, more of a true backpackers adventure?

CHELSEA CHEN (@chelchen)
chelchen08.04.2019 00:43:28

i love that you guys explore everywhere and are so open to experiences💛

stacie_jaxx (@stacie_jaxx)
stacie_jaxx08.04.2019 00:26:24

Do I wrong? But those pillars looks like cigarette 😁

Tracey Maddocks (@_wanderingwithdogs)
_wanderingwithdogs07.04.2019 23:56:44

I quite liked Guayaquil too! Was nice to have a wander there

Andreia Lopes Costa (@heyandiehey)
heyandiehey07.04.2019 20:51:26


Charlie & Jess 🌍 ( 19:02:19

This is an excellent shot! 👌🏻

Claudia | Story Voyager (@storyvoyager)
storyvoyager07.04.2019 18:18:17

This is such a great post and I love that you write about places that aren’t necessarily ‘tourist destinations’. I think that, as travelers, we must be open to discover all kind of places. And I’m sure that locals are happy to see new faces and exchange with people from other countries. This exchange is ultimately the reason why we travel. I’m in Mexicali at the moment and I’ll definitely post about the city. 😊 Looking forward to new posts from you 😊

Eva Phan | Eva Darling (@eva_phan)
eva_phan07.04.2019 18:03:06


Geena⌁StoryTeller⌁Travel Blog (@bartender_abroad_)
bartender_abroad_07.04.2019 17:33:31

Looks like a beautiful place and I hope everyone can find the great things about it like you did.

⌲⠀ALEXA & SAM | Travel Couple (@travelingpursuit)
travelingpursuit19.04.2019 23:48:43

Super cool perspective 🙌🏻

The Darlings Of Instagram (@darlingsof.ig)
darlingsof.ig21.04.2019 15:00:01

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