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This won't be the best photo you'll see of Rainbow Mountain, but that's fine with us. The thing is, this site has blown up in - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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Ellie & Ravi | Soul Travel (@soultravelblog)
soultravelblog12.01.2019 14:22:22

Haven’t been to rainbow mountain, but yes this is such an issue! We find ourselves wondering about the impact of sharing hidden gems on social media - we think travel is a wonderful thing but not when we are blindly all going to the same places without experiencing a journey along the way 😞. Great post!

Daniel & Emma ✈ (@witragtravel)
witragtravel12.01.2019 12:41:07

Thanks for sharing this, really insightful & honest. Up to 5000 visitors per day is completely INSANE. Heading there later this year and think we'll give this one a miss!

Damon Beckford (@damonbeckford)
damonbeckford11.01.2019 23:10:55

Amen to this!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

ANGELICA | A traveler at heart (@wherethejellyat)
wherethejellyat11.01.2019 23:10:54

Thank you so much for sharing. But it still looks beautiful 😍

Live Slow | Travel (@theslowdash)
theslowdash11.01.2019 21:36:26

We understand those feels. We completed the Inca trail a few days ago and being raining season we saw barely anyone along the way, it was us and the track. Hit Machu Picchu and that was a completely different story. We were so overwhelmed by the enormity of tourists, we wanted back on the trail! We have decided to have rainbow mountain a miss :( We are a month in to a four month stint, how much longer are you travelling around South America?

Nicoline Berthy (@theserenityjournal)
theserenityjournal11.01.2019 21:21:03

So glad that you’re focusing on over-tourism and so sad to hear that also the Rainbow Mountains are so affected by it. We need to speak more about over-tourism and choose our destinations more wisely. There are many good things to say about Instagram and other visual platforms, but they are the enemy in this context!

Marina 🌻 (@marichankobe)
marichankobe11.01.2019 20:45:24

I totally agree with you, overtourism is a big huge issue for a lot of places in the world, and yet, you can’t tell anyone to not explore the world... I think that it’s the same issue as over consumerism, we must change our way of consuming and living in order to live with the planet and not in it ... 🙏🏻

E Pettitta (@pettitta_travels)
pettitta_travels11.01.2019 18:30:10

Thanks for sharing this view! So sad this kind of tourism is developing so fast!

A B B I ✧ Spin the Windrose (@spinthewindrose)
spinthewindrose11.01.2019 15:12:38

5000 people PER DAY!? Oh gosh. I want to see this place but I don’t want to contribute to that 😞😞

Marie-Hélène Mahy (@marelle4)
marelle411.01.2019 14:17:43

Still a brilliant picture! But there is also another story about why it became popular in 2015 (whichever is true, I dunno, Peru is a very corrupt country after all and they probably tell you different stories depending on the tour you so). But they used to mine that area like crazy (hence the colours because of the different minerals) and when the government banned mining the locals turned to tourism, which is a lot less harmful to the area. But I agree it’s not for everyone , you see a lot of unfit people taking horses up the mountain and that should be banned because it’s damaging the path a lot. Also it’s not long enough a path to justify riding a horse! And as you said it’s extremely dangerous if you aren’t acclimatized

Magda & Michal (@followtheview)
followtheview11.01.2019 13:53:48

This is exactly what happened with Santorini 😢😢 tiny island just flooded with tourists and „influencers” trying to take exactly the same pic standing on the blue roofs of the church (Greek ppl are really mad about this 🙄), I really don’t get the point... it’s much more fun to discover and show your followers something really unique 😉 look at the feed of many if big influencers - they all look the same: two hotels in Marrakesh, floating breakfast and one temple in Bali, pigs in Bahamas, Sri Lanka elephants, etc... and mass tourism follows 😢😢😢

agnese (@oursimplecottage)
oursimplecottage11.01.2019 13:43:00

super interesting, great post thank you! Never knew this

Ellie Quinn (@thewanderingquinn)
thewanderingquinn11.01.2019 13:25:01

Well done for sharing this! I knew it was totally overcrowded these days but not this bad! I also didn’t know that that’s how it appeared as yes it wasn’t there when I went at the start of 2015, or at least on the radar. Very interesting!

Kakai (@followkakai)
followkakai11.01.2019 12:52:00

There are rainbow mountains in China, bigger, more colourful and very easy to get to ( no high altitude hiking, just take public buses or taxi). It is called Gansu Zhangye National Geopark, named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. The park is well managed with official buses taking you to viewing platforms. Leave the one in Peru alone until they can sort it all out.

Filip // Głodny Świata (@glodnyswiata)
glodnyswiata11.01.2019 12:34:33

I totally agree, but where is this number coming from 😱? I did it two years ago (July) and would say it was 100-150 people max. 5000 is just terrifying.

Viktoria Wanders (@viktoriawanders)
viktoriawanders11.01.2019 11:45:10

Thanks for sharing the truth on this place. This is what this app needs more of ♥️

Asja & JP | Travelers (@travel_leap)
travel_leap11.01.2019 09:26:15

We tried twice to hike rainbow mountain this year but it was covered with snow, which in a way as you say it’s actually a good thing given the situation. Thanks for sharing a honest opinion!

Maroula Mavrogiannopoulou (@marouladesigns)
marouladesigns11.01.2019 08:49:13

Thanks for the information. Never would have known that it was the climate change that caused it to appear. Over tourism is a problem in Greece during high season. Look at Santorini.

TuttoBolivia (@tuttobolivia)
tuttobolivia11.01.2019 07:10:54

This is such a difficult issue... we are really worried about overtourism in Bolivia as well (tourism is only really starting there, so maybe not overtourism yet, but badly managed tourism definitely).
On the other hand, the jobs that tourism bring can really make the difference in the life of people who live in the most difficult places.
Good political/local management should be the answer, but soooo difficult to achieve, especially in some countries... On a personal level, maybe we could all use, support and suggest eco-friendly places, and places that work with and give back to the local communities...

Elina (@wayfarover)
wayfarover11.01.2019 07:01:01

Thought this was gonna be commentary on the overediting of colours at the site and it was SO MUCH BETTER. I was here a year and a half ago and i had no clue! Peru in general doesnt seem to be managing all its tourism so well, hopefully that will change

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