This photo's from earlier this year in Italy, but we are presently wandering around in the Scottish sunshine (yep, we timed this visit to Edin - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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J + Z  R U H L 🌎 (@lolglobetrotting)
lolglobetrotting05.07.2018 22:41:45

Oh Italian Pizza is the best!! And enjoy Scotland. We’ve never been, but it looks so beautiful

Jaz (@jaz_butterfly)
jaz_butterfly05.07.2018 22:33:13

Don’t just stand there, go get a pizza 🍕 😂 I’ve never been to Scotland so will be checking out the recommendations 😉

Michiel Hermans (@misjelinhi)
misjelinhi05.07.2018 08:23:05

Hi Andrew & Emily! Been following your blog extensively after my year trip to South America. Absolutely loved the posts on Nicaragua, Peru and Patagonia... Definitely made my life a lot easier over there. My next trip will be to Slovenia and, what else, googled ‘Slovenia alongdustyroads, only to found out you guys have not visited it yet, or at least have not written anything on it. Therefore was wondering whether you have come across any cool blog on Slovenia by accident? Absolutely prefer these type of blogs over Lonely Planet. Cheerssss!

Gregorio (@gregorio__gg)
gregorio__gg05.07.2018 08:13:14

@alongdustyroads  you gotta check out Porto Selvaggio if you’re in Puglia

Katie Reid (@katierreid)
katierreid05.07.2018 01:25:02

I’m from Edinburgh but currently travelling around Guatemala with my Guatemalan friend @gabu2ma  (we both live in Edinburgh!) We both love your stories and photos from your travels in Guatemala. Roadtripping around the country at the moment and heading to Rio Dulce area tomorrow. Have a brilliant time in Edinburgh and enjoy the weather for us! X

Xavier & Valeriia 🇫🇷🇺🇦 (@2independentppl)
2independentppl04.07.2018 15:06:01

Lived two years 2h from Berwick upon Tweed but been only to Edi and Glasgow 😭

L U C A S + E L L A (@wildworldwandering)
wildworldwandering04.07.2018 13:15:31

One half of us is from the Cairngorms National Park, in the Scottish Highlands. The hills around Aviemore and Grantown are a perfect place to get a little bit lost.

Giorgi | Wanderer 🌎 (@giorgis_journey)
giorgis_journey04.07.2018 09:32:40

I love Scotland! I have been twice. Visited Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow the first time and visited Perth, St. Andrews and Edinburgh again by car on a road trip! Scottish landscapes are amazing! But probably the north west is my fav!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Trish Williams (@frankentrish)
frankentrish04.07.2018 07:18:30

👍😆Excellent! Me and hubby just got bk from Apulia... Just loved it! A trip bk in September with a view to living there😁👍enjoy your return visit to the region❤️😊

TheDivineDestinationCollection (@traveltddc)
traveltddc04.07.2018 00:50:11

We are heading to Scotland next year. The Isle of Skye is beautiful!

Rut (@rut_travels)
rut_travels03.07.2018 23:48:01

I recently came across your blog from Google, and it’s really useful! Appreciate it so much! Thank you!

bunnyhoppingtrails03.07.2018 23:12:41


Sam Tiltman (@samtiltman)
samtiltman03.07.2018 21:41:39

Has to be Glen Coe! Amazing scenery

Ketchup (@katsharpe)
katsharpe03.07.2018 21:05:59

I just went to Bari last week, the coastline there is such a hidden treasure!

Travellers - Tim & Anna 🌎 (@walkslowrunwild)
walkslowrunwild03.07.2018 21:03:01

Oh pizza, Tim's one true love (besides me of course) 😂. You've got glorious weather for Scotland right now! Favourite place in scotland is probably Skye, we fell in love last year and said we'd be back one day...eventually

Suzanne Jones 🌍Travel Blogger (@thetravelbunny)
thetravelbunny03.07.2018 18:42:11

Edinburgh’s a fabulous city. I’d love to visit for the Fringe

J o e l l e • E x p l o r e r (@thefootprintfiles)
thefootprintfiles03.07.2018 18:07:05

Loving the outfit !

Bethany Houston (@bethany.moves)
bethany.moves03.07.2018 17:52:48

Driving up into the Highlands on a moody autumn morning with the Braveheart soundtrack on full blast, as one does 🌄

Irene Sim (@sim4881)
sim488103.07.2018 17:45:44

Comrie in Perthshire 🤗

Roseny Francois (@rosenyfrancois)
rosenyfrancois03.07.2018 17:06:12


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