A view of the view of Lake Malawi


The guide's name was Obvious, but the route wasn't. He had said it would only take a couple of hours, but we - Andrew and Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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Jessica Wright ↠ Travel (@bontraveler)
bontraveler18.05.2018 14:25:13

Just seeing this! Loved the story behind it!

TRAVEL COUPLE BRAM & MANON (@flipflopwanderers)
flipflopwanderers16.05.2018 14:28:07

Haha his name was really Obvious? Love that! This view is so beautiful!

Dee (@vanilla_papers)
vanilla_papers16.05.2018 11:36:33

Sounds like an amazing day, and those views are incredible!

Luxury Travel Show | Wildluxe (@luxury_travel_show)
luxury_travel_show14.05.2018 17:58:02

Lake Malawi is soooo high in my bucket list!!

Loz Parsons (@oohlookbeenthere)
oohlookbeenthere14.05.2018 15:56:35

Definitely sounds like a@day  to remember!! 😎

Tanja & Jani Photography ↟↟↟ (@tanjaniphoto)
tanjaniphoto14.05.2018 10:47:15

so cool! 😍

Adam Bartash (@adamba12)
adamba1214.05.2018 05:44:27

Gorgeous view!

dan + catherine // travellers (@ourtimelineredefined)
ourtimelineredefined14.05.2018 01:33:02

Haha this is so great! It’s awesome to hear it’s not just us that this kind of thing happens to 😂😍 and with a view like that, no wonder it was such a great day!

Alicia (@adventuresofatraveladdict)
adventuresofatraveladdict13.05.2018 22:22:56

What a view and story 😍

⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀  ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ᎵᎯᎿᖇiᏣiᎯ  Ꭶ (@takemeallaround)
takemeallaround13.05.2018 21:18:43

I love your gallery !!!!🙃

L A C E Y 👣🌍 (@laceysfootprints)
laceysfootprints13.05.2018 19:23:39

Such a cool view!!

2 Nomad Souls 🇵🇹 (@2nomadsouls)
2nomadsouls13.05.2018 15:58:57

Great adventure ✌👌

Unsettled Couple 🌎 (@unsettledcouple)
unsettledcouple13.05.2018 02:56:31

A confession with an apology 😬😇 I have been reading your blogs about South America for quit a while now. And I absolutely love it! Real useful as well. But never thought about following you on insta! Oeps but now I do ☺️ keep up the good work! Loving it!

Rish Aranzaso (@mariakengkayzkie)
mariakengkayzkie13.05.2018 02:53:32


ɢᴀʙʏ ❥ᴄᴏɴᴛreras🌎Viajar & Soñar (@contrescobar)
contrescobar13.05.2018 02:43:09

magical view ♥

Natasha | Responsible Travel (@lifeinminiaturepictures)
lifeinminiaturepictures12.05.2018 23:55:35

Ahh Malawi is amazing. & sounds like you got a good understanding of ‘Africa time’

Kim and Del Hogg (@goingthewholehogg)
goingthewholehogg12.05.2018 22:13:28

Sounds like a really great day. Makes us want to get back to Malawi. Can't get over the guide's name 😃 - think it might be one of the best names ever.

Courtney 🦁 Travel & Life (@little.brave.travels)
little.brave.travels12.05.2018 20:08:30

This is amazing! The framing is incredible!

CHELSEA CHEN (@chelchen)
chelchen12.05.2018 19:53:52

so incredible!!! that sounds so amazing i love those kinds of memories so much❤️

Chris Olpin (@chris_olpin)
chris_olpin12.05.2018 18:15:31

Beautiful photo 🔥

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