When it seems like the giraffes have planned a photo shoot... ___

When choosing our first @GAdventures tour, we knew we wanted an adventure. And we w - Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads)
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🛫 ฬ เ ɭ ค ภ เ є 🛬 (@southafricangirlexplores)
southafricangirlexplores30.03.2018 08:12:01

Oh wow...beautiful!

Bonnie Cogswell (@itsabonniething)
itsabonniething30.03.2018 15:10:35

That’s awesome! They lined up for you!

R A C H & M I K E (@eastwesteasttravel)
eastwesteasttravel31.03.2018 05:00:30

Love everything about this 😍😍😍😍

dan + catherine // travellers (@ourtimelineredefined)
ourtimelineredefined01.04.2018 15:59:25

There’s nothing quite like the first time you experience seeing the likes of elephants and giraffes in their natural habitat is there? Your adventure looks amazing and it sounds like you are having such a great time 😍 enjoy guys!

Tanja & Jani Photography ↟↟↟ (@tanjaniphoto)
tanjaniphoto02.04.2018 17:07:49

great! love this shot! 😍

Natasha | Travel Responsibly (@lifeinminiaturepictures)
lifeinminiaturepictures04.04.2018 05:59:01

So glad you had an amazing time in Zambia. I used to live there and I love seeing people have an amazing time there (it’s hard not to!). South Luwanga is a gem!

Yasmin Avo (@yasmin_avo)
yasmin_avo04.04.2018 23:49:02

I went on my first safari this year and loved every second. The animals are just beyond belief, great shot but I imagine seeing it in person is so hard to convey, so close to perfection here though 😍

Sander ✈️ Travel & Photo (@sanderzoutman)
sanderzoutman05.04.2018 09:33:22

Great content🔥😍keep up the great job! Where do you find your inspiration?

The Open Suitcase (@theopensuitcase)
theopensuitcase06.04.2018 16:05:57


Kirsten Maxwell (@kidsareatrip)
kidsareatrip11.04.2018 02:11:29

I love giraffes! Sounds like an amazing trip!

mubashar ali (@mubashar_al)
mubashar_al19.04.2018 01:25:30


Africa Knows (@africaknows)
africaknows20.04.2018 06:23:41

@alongdustyroads  this is brilliant

Kitty Gang (@weare.kittygang)
weare.kittygang22.04.2018 09:33:46

@alongdustyroads  we love your style!!

Siri Jostad, Luxury Traveller (@wanderawaywithsirikay)
wanderawaywithsirikay22.04.2018 13:56:01

Cracks me up. They are totally posers for you

The Feminist Globetrotter (@feministglobetrotter)
feministglobetrotter22.04.2018 17:57:05

Such gorgeous giraffes! Aw.

Travel Photos (@garland_brown)
garland_brown25.04.2018 00:23:52

Wow perfect shot guys!

ThorndaleUK (@thorndaleuk)
thorndaleuk25.04.2018 13:36:42

This shot! 😍 where are you now?

Yusuf Ahmad (@yusufhiro)
yusufhiro06.05.2018 23:41:39

Nice one 😍

Hannah 🐚 (@wanderingblondee)
wanderingblondee08.05.2018 01:44:06


Myette & Tyler (@find.us.far)
find.us.far08.05.2018 05:17:19

That’s so funny that they are all perfectly lined up like that. It’s like their all waiting in line at the DMV!😂

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