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That’s me being excited of our own first product and brand to launch soon😍🍾 Jeffrey and I worked so hard on this project for almost 1 year with all ou - Jana☽ (@alohaa_jana)
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𝙵𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚘𝚗 • 𝚃𝚛𝚊𝚟𝚎𝚕 (@seeelii)
seeelii07.10.2019 10:58:48

In love with palm trees!!😍

TOM & TAHNEE | AUSTRALIA (@thenomadfolk)
thenomadfolk07.10.2019 10:41:00

Oooooh exciting to find out more 🙈😍

Yacine.Ben ⭐️ (@yacine_benzemirli)
yacine_benzemirli07.10.2019 10:27:41

Amazing 💯

Larissa (
theblondejetsetter.blog07.10.2019 10:26:34

Awww i love this!!! Congrats 😍😘

CHELSEA CHEN (@chelchen)
chelchen07.10.2019 05:43:02

omg cant wait to hear!

Caro 🌺 (@caro_line_88)
caro_line_8807.10.2019 04:48:59

Where is the outfit from? 😍

Exuma Dream (@exumadream)
exumadream06.10.2019 23:16:48

Can feel the excitement. Best of luck to you both! 🌴💙

Lisa🌟Capturing Moments (@handfullofwishes)
handfullofwishes06.10.2019 17:29:33

Such a lovely action shot

SONYA ↠ Travel & Lifestyle (@theglobalite)
theglobalite06.10.2019 17:27:13

Yay girl can’t wait!!!

ADVENTURE | TRAVEL | EXPLORE 👣 (@indefinitely_lost)
indefinitely_lost06.10.2019 17:05:07

Congratulations I hope it goes really well! Great shot Jana

Charlotte Louise 🌸 (@luluescapes)
luluescapes06.10.2019 17:01:16

Omg babe that’s amazing! Can’t wait to see more ❤️

✨Sarah | Travel & Lifestyle✨ (@thetravelingbellegian)
thetravelingbellegian06.10.2019 15:39:25

So exciting for you!!! Congratulations🍾

Chelsey ♥ (@chelsofh)
chelsofh06.10.2019 15:31:18

Totally lovin it😍😍😍

Shea Glaser ↠ Travel (@sheaglaser)
sheaglaser06.10.2019 15:27:01

So exciting!!

Thomas Allen (@thomasallen840)
thomasallen84006.10.2019 15:26:31

It's fantastic wen you work so hard for something and it all comes together good for you looks a beautiful place now go for it hope the two of you have a great time 😊❤❤

odysseus.our06.10.2019 15:24:55

Me when the food is ready 😍😂

KRISTA LYNN | TRAVEL & LIFE (@klynnwanders)
klynnwanders06.10.2019 15:24:36

This is too cute! Can’t wait to see! ✨

Davis & Sydney | Travel Couple (@the_escape_artists)
the_escape_artists06.10.2019 15:23:55

Amazing new can’t wait to see what you launch! Congrats on all the hard work

MARIE NOLIA (@marienolia)
marienolia06.10.2019 15:22:32

Love your energy in this photo, btw congrats to you! 💓💛

Luise (@l.u.ise)
l.u.ise06.10.2019 15:16:17

Such a sweet picture 😍

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