Happy Friday!!! Where is the weekend taking you?...⁣
Nope, not jumping on a plane any time soon, still have too many boxes to unpack πŸ“¦πŸ“¦πŸ“¦πŸ˜œ, but adve - T Wadsworth - Photographer (@allthesideroads)
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Judy | Gen Xer Abroad (@genxerabroad)
genxerabroad12.07.2019 16:52:25

Why are flags at 1/2 staff? Did i miss something??😳

πŸ“Loretta - Storyteller (@introspective.adventurer)
introspective.adventurer12.07.2019 17:03:06

I am working on Saturday. Event. Then flying to Oregon early Sunday! Enjoy your weekend.

Sara ~ Hippy@πŸ’œ ~ est. 11-18-18 (@thethrifthippy)
thethrifthippy12.07.2019 17:21:20

Sounds fun😁

Biβ˜€οΈMed Health ~ Boutique Co. (@biomedhealthboutique)
biomedhealthboutique12.07.2019 17:40:18

Enjoy the weekend Texas!! I’m enjoying Spain’s side roads. 😍

JAYE (@simplyladyjaye)
simplyladyjaye12.07.2019 18:12:25

Happy exploring doll! I'll be staying local πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Elizabeth (Betsy) Ramsey (@nattygaldotcom)
nattygaldotcom12.07.2019 20:16:11

Love how you captured the plane coming in so low!

HeikeYates β˜†Your Spark Mentorβ˜† (@heikeyates)
heikeyates12.07.2019 20:43:13

Go explore. We are staying in town!

Helen | Nomad With A Notebook (@nomadwithanotebook)
nomadwithanotebook12.07.2019 21:58:28

Enjoy your weekend πŸ™ƒ

Melanie (@mels2ndact)
mels2ndact12.07.2019 23:13:51

Staying around the home front this weekend. Hope you get a little break from the unpacking. It took me months!

aRoundJoy (@aroundjoy)
aroundjoy13.07.2019 03:10:44

@allthesideroads  @genxerabroad  Peace Officer’s Memorial Day...

πŸ•Ά Fashion ⚑️Fun πŸ‘“ (@raine_and_phyzz)
raine_and_phyzz13.07.2019 04:49:14

On a journey to sort out my bathroom

Rita...story teller (@the_journeys_calling)
the_journeys_calling13.07.2019 13:37:33

I have absolutely no plan other than cleaning the cafe’ 😱

πŸ’™ JEN ~ SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER (@jengrabkowski)
jengrabkowski15.07.2019 12:40:30

That sky is sooo pretty πŸ˜πŸ’—

Schaefer (@schaeferintl)
schaeferintl17.07.2019 18:53:41

Pretty sky 🌌

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