Dead serious about my food cc: @therealswizzz - Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys)
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the Real Swizz (@therealswizzz)
therealswizzz05.07.2019 17:20:02

Waiting on them oysters 😂

MARCATO / NASIR DEAN (@notemarcato)
notemarcato05.07.2019 15:38:52

You so lit umi

Loren Ridinger (@lorenridinger)
lorenridinger05.07.2019 14:46:52

Love u sis. ❤️❤️❤️

françoi$. (@jacqpierrefrancois)
jacqpierrefrancois05.07.2019 14:42:16

You look like a king.

Maïté (@maite_rvr)
maite_rvr05.07.2019 14:39:15

Even more with french food, right? 😜 Come back soon in Paris, for a little show 🙏🏽😁❤️ Love u!

Gab (@gabulain)
gabulain05.07.2019 14:31:36

Can we talk about you bringing back this braids era... Oh my! 💥💜

Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler)
chelseahandler05.07.2019 14:23:55

And those braids. It’s on.

ANNA KAISER (@theannakaiser)
theannakaiser05.07.2019 17:29:04

Something’s about to go down... the hatch 🤣

Kamal Hotchandani (@kamal)
kamal05.07.2019 14:40:15


Guadalupe Rosales (@veteranas_and_rucas)
veteranas_and_rucas05.07.2019 15:06:33


Jason Bolden (@jasonbolden)
jasonbolden05.07.2019 14:33:14


Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)
msjeanettejenkins05.07.2019 14:47:52


Edwin Setiawan (@edwinsetiawan23)
edwinsetiawan2305.07.2019 23:37:49


Fatma Galeh jallow❤️ (@caramelfatmagaleh)
caramelfatmagaleh05.07.2019 17:33:10


MizGee (@ms_g_gee)
ms_g_gee05.07.2019 15:58:12

U are so beautiful its not even funny anymore 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

𝐨𝐥𝐲𝐯𝐢𝐚 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐭 🐝 (@olyviamonet)
olyviamonet05.07.2019 14:43:11


Shun (@shunvirgo)
shunvirgo05.07.2019 14:23:54

I’m the same way😩

Patrick V (@patrickv_4)
patrickv_405.07.2019 15:17:05


Me๗ɑ🇪🇸 (@x_ladi__)
x_ladi__09.07.2019 15:41:51


Ansou Kinty 🇸🇳🇨🇦 (@ansoukinty)
ansoukinty06.07.2019 01:04:53


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