For all of our ancestors that fought and died and lived and survived and created everything we now have access to, I bow down in deep deep honor. We a - Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys)
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QAMAR QG8 ⚖️ قمر قيو جى ايٹ (@qamarqg8)
qamarqg813.11.2018 15:52:36

DON CONSTI (@donconsti)
donconsti13.11.2018 20:14:04


Real Love Transends ego needs💖 (@almitra_)
almitra_15.11.2018 13:59:43


Real Love Transends ego needs💖 (@almitra_)
almitra_15.11.2018 14:00:27

If you're awake you wouldn't be voting for somebody to rule over you that doesn't have a right to govern these

Real Love Transends ego needs💖 (@almitra_)
almitra_15.11.2018 14:00:48

The American dream has been a living nightmare for far too many I'm pretty sure your guys are still

Real Love Transends ego needs💖 (@almitra_)
almitra_15.11.2018 14:02:13

What do you mean by have access to??? Our Father God creator of all living things created this world with his Blessing so mad would never go without you guys are only voting to determine who deserves His blessings more. When you put your hand on your chest and you praise this flag under one nation under God what God do you think

Pierre-Emills Tapia Medina (@pierreemillstapia)
pierreemillstapia15.11.2018 15:25:07

My cousin❤️

David Maison (@davidmaisonsalonheadquarters)
davidmaisonsalonheadquarters15.11.2018 18:21:39

Yes that’s right beautiful cool ❤️👍🙏

Pastor Silvio de Oliveira (@pr.silviodeoliveira)
pr.silviodeoliveira15.11.2018 19:03:11

Show Alicia, may the Lord, the eternal GOD continue to richly bless your dreams and projects. A big hug from Pastor Silvio.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😀😀

Bhad Bhabie 💎 (
bhadbhabie.online15.11.2018 22:48:38


Immacolata Berardi 🇦🇷mix🇮🇹 (@immacolataberardi)
immacolataberardi15.11.2018 23:17:09

Love you ❤️❤️❤️

Alana Neves (@alananeves1235)
alananeves123516.11.2018 09:34:12

alicia please follow me

nur (@nur_restaurant)
nur_restaurant16.11.2018 10:51:42

You are a true icon, queen and inspiration! #gratitude 

Kofi (@hackmansamm)
hackmansamm16.11.2018 12:30:43


🎭☪🔀thee indigo child🗻🆘🎸🎵📚📃 (@less_the_dark_poet)
less_the_dark_poet16.11.2018 13:18:12

beautiful black girl

KAMBOD (@kambodartistik)
kambodartistik17.11.2018 14:08:28


K a m i l a  C r u z (@kamilancruz)
kamilancruz17.11.2018 14:40:50

@dayanencmendanha  igualzinha

Daniele Manduci (@danielemanduci)
danielemanduci17.11.2018 16:11:15


Michelle Monballijn (@michellemonballijn)
michellemonballijn17.11.2018 17:18:23


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