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Kerry “Krucial” Brothers (@krucialkeys)
krucialkeys09.08.2018 20:40:28


Vanessa Ferguson (@vanfergofficial)
vanfergofficial10.08.2018 03:03:43


MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias)
massy.arias09.08.2018 20:47:21

Wow! About a month ago I was looking at this YouTube video of her, tony, and Mariah...thinking in my head of all those great voices including yours. You guys are so rare to find. We love you Alicia

BASTIAN (@bastian_official)
bastian_official09.08.2018 20:41:23

She was amazing🙏

Shannon Godfrey (@floetrysg)
floetrysg09.08.2018 22:21:36

Loved her from day one and to this very day.Still missing her. Nobody will EVER be greater or even come close.#loveYouWhitney 

Halle Berry (@halleberry)
halleberry10.08.2018 21:16:28

Yes. YES.

Terria Joseph (@ladybroadway)
ladybroadway09.08.2018 21:57:05

When we had dinner with her at Sams, I fell in love with her love for Bobbi. Her lil girl.

Sophie Melsen (@somelsen7)
somelsen709.08.2018 20:40:06

Whitney houston

Alicia (@dbic3)
dbic309.08.2018 21:46:02

@aliciakeys  what song did u write 4 her

Maïté (@m_rv25)
m_rv2509.08.2018 21:50:20

Queen’s day today... happy birthday to our beautiful @myriamkeys  also ;) 🙌🏽♥️

Just me (@miamibeachwed)
miamibeachwed10.08.2018 04:49:32

I had the greatest of honor and pleasure to meet her on 12/14/2001 in Aventura, Florida.
I was so star struck. She was completely kind and graceful. We talked about my son, who was 11 mos, about maybe her having another child- possibly a boy. Bobby Brown came up to her- asked her for his cigarettes (Newport’s). She took them out of her LV bag. Her diamond was humongous! She had on an orangey colored lipstick and kissed my son on his left cheek. I told her that she was beautiful and I loved her spirit and singing. Told her she would always be in my thoughts and wishes her well. She told me how beautiful my son was (gave him a kiss) and said good by. One of the most memorable time in my life. While everyone ask for her autograph (she said no)- she took the time to sit with me for about 15 minutes and talk. She was a truly beautiful and talented woman. And I for one miss her presence on this earth...

matheusgalvs (@matheusgalvs)
matheusgalvs09.08.2018 20:51:20


Stephanie (@gramgiz)
gramgiz09.08.2018 20:41:29

♥️ she loved YOU and you are doing her proud ♥️

Ana Natalia (@nataliza_nati)
nataliza_nati09.08.2018 20:39:07

The best voice ever♥️♥️♥️

Diego Lepera (@diegolepera)
diegolepera09.08.2018 20:45:37

@marceloracy  e que música né, eu particularmente adoro

Mara (@_cmsmara)
_cmsmara09.08.2018 22:39:23

only Whitney ❤️

Terria Joseph (@ladybroadway)
ladybroadway09.08.2018 21:58:30

And Nana’s Birthday was the 5th! 💛🌟

Sophia Keijzer (@sophiakeijzer)
sophiakeijzer09.08.2018 21:00:14


lmarti9 (@lmarti9)
lmarti909.08.2018 20:41:11

@_chelygalvan  😭😭😭

Sharon Bhatti (@sharon_bhatti)
sharon_bhatti10.08.2018 07:51:00

@aliciakeys  your tribute has made me realize how much I miss Whitney. Thank you Ms. Houston for all of your emotional songs.

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