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Its Brown Sugar🍓 (@itsbrownsugar)
itsbrownsugar02.09.2018 08:11:31

RIP Queen Whitney definitely the #GOAT  💜👑

Carlos Johnson (@cbeyonce29)
cbeyonce2903.09.2018 17:53:40

She was right to

T O A N (@toanlamtv)
toanlamtv03.09.2018 18:36:14

This tribute & your voice in this and the world is amazing. Divine. Just like Whitney’s. Thanks for sharing this and your talent and power with the world. I wish everyone just knew how the greatest love of all is their authentic self. What song did you write for her? Much love 💕

Lydia (@l.masereji)
l.masereji03.09.2018 22:18:54


Mitchell Cohn (@mcohn47)
mcohn4704.09.2018 16:38:16

God rest her soul

Tiffany Marie Hill (@tiff_exclusive)
tiff_exclusive05.09.2018 07:37:11

I can listen to you speak for hours. You are soothing for the soul. You are passionate and I’ve always loved that about you. Thank you for never dimming your light and always spreading love!! We need more. Sooooo much more. Thank you for being that inspiration to so many of us

Serpil Dereli (@serpildereliii)
serpildereliii05.09.2018 09:15:52


Phyllis Richardson (@phylljoy)
phylljoy06.09.2018 00:47:17

So beautiful aww, missing you so much Whitney

💚❤💋💞Khaliya Alexander👑💄💜💙💕💓 (@khaliyaalexander)
khaliyaalexander09.09.2018 00:18:29

I love you mummy we miss you 😢💕😢💕

jahseek fullforce (@jahseekfullforce)
jahseekfullforce09.09.2018 16:30:30

Jah bless her soul yow

Marcin Lubiarz (@mlubiarz)
mlubiarz10.09.2018 11:42:51

👏😢 ❤️

🌙✨Voula Kafkas✨🌙 (@voula_kafkas)
voula_kafkas11.09.2018 08:32:32

What a voice ! I’ll never forget her debut album. Ms Houston’s absence still hurts. 🙏🏼

Anne-Marie Blair (@cutekittens79)
cutekittens7913.09.2018 19:02:00

Like by cutekittens

Benito (@benito_hiwat_76)
benito_hiwat_7615.09.2018 05:12:18


ji (@kuno989)
kuno98922.09.2018 02:51:05

잘보고갑니다! :)

Ladii Feenix da fifth element. (@ladiifeenixdafifth)
ladiifeenixdafifth22.09.2018 15:41:09

She was so beautiful

The Official Jackson Twins (@theofficialjacksontwins)
theofficialjacksontwins29.09.2018 21:04:20


✨fatou✨ (@_justfatou_)
_justfatou_05.10.2018 22:45:09

Who is ?

zanatakdrmcoy.#........zanata# (@zan5796)
zan579606.10.2018 04:42:35

I No Sis

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