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jackie.advtrs11.07.2019 23:58:09

Looks beautiful there!😍😍 Enjoy your trip!

Briana Nolan ⚡️ (@bn_______)
bn_______12.07.2019 00:06:39


Adeyling Fiallos (@heyadeyling)
heyadeyling12.07.2019 00:11:29


Laura Hunt (@laurallynhunt)
laurallynhunt12.07.2019 00:16:29


Kimiko (@okimik88)
okimik8812.07.2019 00:19:52

I love this! Miss you guys!

daneddy_12.07.2019 00:20:02

you guys met in Firenze 2010 and still together! Awesome congrats!
Say hi to my old roomie lol

Isabel Canas (@floralsbyisabelle)
floralsbyisabelle12.07.2019 00:25:30


Shelly Anderson (@shellbellanderson)
shellbellanderson12.07.2019 02:41:16

So fun!!!!

jojomojo_72812.07.2019 03:08:18

By far my favorite country to visit!!! So happy you’re there!!! I hope you’re have an amazing time and end up falling in love with the country as much as Brent and I did!!!!

Kelsey Thomas (@kelseythomvt)
kelseythomvt12.07.2019 03:43:17

@alexandriamonette  So jeals! Looks beautiful!! ❤️❤️

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