© Patrick Galibert 📍#Namibia  #NamibDesert
#startrails on the #dunes #4x4

14/24mm #nikon #benq #lucroit
f:8  2x1024s  800 ISO

#adventure #offroad #s - Patrick Galibert (@africatracks)
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Holland Travels & Texel island (@lisetteoptexel)
lisetteoptexel18.05.2019 16:28:04

Ohhhhh WoW jawdropping as usual Pat ❤️👊🏼💦➰➰➰💋🔝

Michelle Zak (@beachchickmz)
beachchickmz16.05.2019 05:44:14

I love when you do these star trails shots. My fave ❤️👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Leisk Life (@leisklife)
leisklife16.05.2019 01:07:28

The best part was sitting out there waiting for your camera to 'get the shot' 💯🙌...somehow you absorb so much with slow photography - and a star trail makes you wait even longer ...total desert absorption , Hope you slept out there Patrick 🌹🥂

Photography - Thomas Kast (@thomaskast1)
thomaskast115.05.2019 18:06:05

Brilliant star trails😍

Dotz Soh (@dotzsoh)
dotzsoh13.05.2019 08:54:55

This is so amazing dear

Yuda Pradana (@yuda_pradana)
yuda_pradana13.05.2019 00:00:41

Brilliant shot buddy!!!!!!!!!!!! Very powerful LE!!

tinag46 (@tinag46)
tinag4612.05.2019 21:27:54

Stunning photo Patrick 💫💫💫

Saúl Aguilar (@saaggo)
saaggo12.05.2019 21:22:32

Damn so good!!! 🙌🏼

M A N U E L  W O L F (@manuelo_bo)
manuelo_bo12.05.2019 20:24:46

Wow Pat 👌🏻

Kağan (@dtkagan)
dtkagan12.05.2019 20:14:20


Derek Harris (@derekharrisphotography)
derekharrisphotography12.05.2019 20:03:51

This is outstanding 😍 marvelous work as always, Patrick ✨🙌✨

l.i4412.05.2019 20:01:20

Absolutely superb brother!

ⓂⒾⒼⓊⒺⓁ (@miguelpedrazacoque)
miguelpedrazacoque12.05.2019 19:39:31

Pure perfection of shots and very beautiful composition! 😍👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Ricardo (@ricsanches)
ricsanches12.05.2019 19:39:16

Phenomenal Patrick!👏👏🔝

Bengt Sigeholt (@sig.pix)
sig.pix12.05.2019 19:23:22


S e a d  S a s i v a r e v i c (@bez_dan)
bez_dan12.05.2019 19:17:08

WoW Patrick, 👊🙏🏻🙌, superb!

Maria (@pashon50)
pashon5012.05.2019 18:48:49

Amazing Patrick 🌌😘

Oya Ozer (@redpepperseed)
redpepperseed12.05.2019 18:45:23


Rui Mendes (@ruimendes_expediciones)
ruimendes_expediciones12.05.2019 18:45:12

Amazing photo 👏👏👏👏, Patrick !!!

Marwa (@marwaabass)
marwaabass12.05.2019 18:44:56


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