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Kobi Refaeli (@kobi_refaeli)
kobi_refaeli23.04.2019 19:27:33

Magnificent ❤️

William Smith (@billsmith2315)
billsmith231523.04.2019 18:40:16

This looks like paradise Patrick

Yuda Pradana (@yuda_pradana)
yuda_pradana23.04.2019 16:01:31

Oh wow beautiful beach! And a cool ride too!!!!!

ąŋŋą ➰آنا (@amaria41)
amaria4123.04.2019 01:31:05

Very beautiful 🌴🌴🌴😍Patrick🙌🏻

Jamal JAMMAL 🇱🇧 (@jamjammal)
jamjammal22.04.2019 16:22:02

Fabulous place Patrick 🙌🏻 enjoy

AnnaKarin (@annakar12)
annakar1222.04.2019 15:54:01

Nice!! You read my mind there is the place I would like to be just now!! 👍👍👌👏👏🙌😊😇😄😂😅😎👍🌴🌴💕

abandonism (@abandonism_)
abandonism_22.04.2019 15:25:36

Beautiful view!! Diani is such a lovely beach 😍

Dotz Soh (@dotzsoh)
dotzsoh22.04.2019 15:12:24

Wonderful beach 💛

Suzana ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (@suzi_666)
suzi_66622.04.2019 15:04:06

Super 👍🏻 Happy travels Patrick 💖😘💫

ⓂⒾⒼⓊⒺⓁ (@miguelpedrazacoque)
miguelpedrazacoque22.04.2019 14:01:33

Incredible paradise 😍😍😍 love the vivid colors

Reone Ucceli (@itsreone)
itsreone22.04.2019 10:18:59

Woww!! What a beautiful place

David (@silverback50)
silverback5022.04.2019 01:35:43

A great reminder of our 6 years living in Kenya. We grew to love Diani Beach and the magnificent coastal strip. 👍

💮 松下浩司 (@carlos_koji)
carlos_koji22.04.2019 01:17:55

👊👊👊👊 Paradise 🥂🥂🥂

Adriana Guerra (@nana_warren_)
nana_warren_22.04.2019 00:42:50

Beautiful place dear! Enjoy! 💙💫💙💫💙

Michelle Zak (@beachchickmz)
beachchickmz21.04.2019 23:46:10

Awww man. That looks so inviting

My Travel Diary (@nancyaryasubawa)
nancyaryasubawa21.04.2019 22:40:19

Awesome dear 😃👍👍👍

Bengt Sigeholt (@sig.pix)
sig.pix21.04.2019 22:35:06

Seaside bro 🙌🔝👍

Aluisio Bezerra (@aluisiobezerra)
aluisiobezerra21.04.2019 21:55:26

Wonderful place , Pat😊

greganex 🇫🇷 (@greganex)
greganex21.04.2019 21:51:05

Oh oui !!!quelle plage !!!😍😍👍👍

Larry Marshall Photography (@larrymarshallphotography)
larrymarshallphotography21.04.2019 21:07:20

That looks so peaceful. Beautiful my friend

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