By @@woleolawuyiart
You feel like home to me;
The warm and gentle comfort,
Of all familiar things you feel like home to me;
A safe and pe - The African Art Collector (@africanartcollector)
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Comments 4 (@cleverleftovers)
cleverleftovers09.04.2019 19:13:58

Simply beautiful and captivating

Le monde et les couleurs (@josephrama)
josephrama08.04.2019 12:18:30

Les couleurs nagent bien ensemble! 🙌👏

Vee (@vee.thory)
vee.thory08.04.2019 10:27:30


Wole@olawuyi (@woleolawuyiart)
woleolawuyiart08.04.2019 17:11:36

@africanartcollector  thank you so much..........>I'm so grateful 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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