Serenity and Grace
By  @ucheedochie 
Acrylic on Canvas

Serenity and grace. That is how I remember her. Children notice  everything. It is hard t - AfricanArtCollector (@africanartcollector)
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Art by people 🖌💜 (@psychoartwork)
psychoartwork14.12.2018 12:36:13

Love it 💜❤ Please check the link in our bio to be featured!

Lady S (@pearllady_s)
pearllady_s14.12.2018 13:05:12


Aidan Lee Smith (@aidanleesmith)
aidanleesmith14.12.2018 17:18:19


Rosalia Klaas -Lincoln (@rosalieklaas)
rosalieklaas15.12.2018 13:54:19

Super toll👏👏👏

Gavin Campbell (@gavinlcampbell)
gavinlcampbell16.12.2018 08:46:10

NIce 👏🏾

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