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This painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff comprises of rich textures and hues of blu - AfricanArtCollector (@africanartcollector)
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유미드로잉 (@youmi_drawing)
youmi_drawing03.12.2018 08:17:07


Lydia (@mellow.dia)
mellow.dia06.12.2018 18:16:53

Captivating 🌟

SARADAY (@saradayart)
saradayart04.12.2018 04:16:07

Beautiful 🔥

Seta Nua (@setanua)
setanua03.12.2018 21:18:41

Beautiful, royal! 👍

Jason Thomas (@eyeontheart)
eyeontheart03.12.2018 12:40:38

Incredible work!!

Khan (@khansjourney)
khansjourney03.12.2018 11:52:58

Crazy colours!

Jewnique 🚲🛸🌈 (@theunderdawgg_)
theunderdawgg_03.12.2018 11:26:01


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