I saw Lauryn Hill in 1999 at Brixton Academy when I was 10 years old. Tonight I saw her play at the Hollywood Bowl. I’ve just turned 30! What a woman - Adele (@adele)
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PopFiltr (@popfiltr)
popfiltr19.09.2018 08:28:24

"Doo Wop" still on repeat since 1998! 😂

✨ (@_mesaja_)
_mesaja_19.09.2018 07:09:01

Awesome , but we miss you so bad 💔 please comeback and save the music industry 😭

chocolate145219.09.2018 07:13:02

Adele reaffirming her permanent invite to the picnic 🙌🏾

J.H. (@yespleasejuri)
yespleasejuri19.09.2018 07:07:32

This was first CD i ever bought from my saved pocket money when i was 12!! I never regret it!!

Kennay Laurén (@kennaylauren)
kennaylauren19.09.2018 07:24:15

Also my favorite record of ALL TIME. It’s like a manual to the life of a woman. Anytime I’m going through something I listen to that and I find something new I can relate to. It touches me spiritually

جملات گاینده (@jomalate.gayandeh)
jomalate.gayandeh19.09.2018 07:07:19

kiss from iran ♥

Adele (@officialadelefanpage)
officialadelefanpage19.09.2018 07:08:16

is there by chance you can post (if there is) your selfie with miss lauryn hill? 😍

Amy Shark (@amysharkmusic)
amysharkmusic19.09.2018 07:23:12

Deep perfection as are u xo

Roar (@stay.wild.moonchild)
stay.wild.moonchild19.09.2018 07:07:39

Yes girl!! I am going to her Bay Area show tomorrow and am just about shitting myself with excitement!! Now reading your words, I am even more thrilled to live a lifelong dream!!!

Lupe (@loops_rod)
loops_rod19.09.2018 07:09:34

That album is amazing. I think I know the words to all the songs. It’s got beautiful messages of love to her son as well.

Call Me Gabe🔹 (@gabe.andino)
gabe.andino19.09.2018 07:07:01


Hins Cheung 張敬軒 (@hinscheung)
hinscheung19.09.2018 08:43:00

All time favourite

Kute Blackson (@kuteblackson)
kuteblackson19.09.2018 07:15:04

@Adele  your honoring of lauryn hill shows such heart. To appreciate and give dues to those that came before activates more blessings. What you see in her is what is in you.. you are amazing thanks for allowing your soul to shine through your music

Kaye T (@smd71ng)
smd71ng19.09.2018 07:12:37

Ex-factor is still one of my all time favorite songs! The lyrics punch you right in the soul.

Felix anineh (@felixanineh)
felixanineh19.09.2018 07:08:24

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album gives life, the more you play it it makes you appreciate life and existence.

Ty Hunter (@tytryone)
tytryone19.09.2018 07:08:26


Anna Nelson (@annajeann)
annajeann19.09.2018 07:08:14

One of the best records from my childhood. It was up there with Spice Girls. 💛

nico nicola (@sirnicola)
sirnicola19.09.2018 13:29:49

One of the best albums ever made. This one is a play straight through. No skip.

Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)
msjeanettejenkins19.09.2018 07:17:02

So beautiful.❤️

Khadijah Brown (@luv_me_sum_kd)
luv_me_sum_kd19.09.2018 12:40:39

Was she on time?

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