The effortless queen of song, Dolly Parton! We love you! We wish We could possess an ounce of your ability. You were the hero of our night! A hero of - Adele (@adele)
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dittoayhuan09.07.2018 11:44:33


wild4_1709.07.2018 15:30:55


Wira Hindrawan (@wirahindrawan)
wirahindrawan09.07.2018 15:49:17

Soo beautiful baby

Emma Tilley (@emmasarahtilley)
emmasarahtilley10.07.2018 22:42:25

Anyone else think @adele  looks like Gemma Collins in this fabulous outfit and blonde wig?! @gemmacollins1  #gemmacollins  #GC  #dollyparton 

ysn (@mhmmdnrysn)
mhmmdnrysn11.07.2018 00:15:57


Ariadna Santos (@santosariadna415)
santosariadna41511.07.2018 02:54:14


Ariadna Santos (@santosariadna415)
santosariadna41511.07.2018 02:54:18

Te amo

Engr Don Onyegbu (@engineer_don)
engineer_don11.07.2018 06:24:57

It could only be her

TheZombie (@thezmbiehehehe)
thezmbiehehehe11.07.2018 16:36:37


Lilijan Rose (@lilijan_rose)
lilijan_rose11.07.2018 17:23:54

I wonder if Dolly ever dresses up as Adele .. 👗😂🎶💕

Cerehelm Fauzragore (@cerehelmfauzragore)
cerehelmfauzragore13.07.2018 05:42:29

Anstatt zu forschen ob des Hoerers Geist

rúben (@lustodie)
lustodie14.07.2018 02:41:11

you look stunning @trixiemattel 

Ferid Kurdax☆ (@feridkurdax)
feridkurdax15.07.2018 13:59:21

Ser gut

Keiichi Shimizu  清水慶一 (@kei_sxx)
kei_sxx16.07.2018 00:15:42

Absolutely Beautiful👏👏👏👏👏

estolz9 (@estolz9)
estolz916.07.2018 17:09:13

Bro bro I’m starting a charity event that helps the helpless and the homeless and all the sick patients. I want to donate to all I can. But I want to focus on using music as a therapeutic technique to get to people and give them something to cope with. I’m looking for a face for this foundation. And being that how great You are with the community I thought maybe you would be interested?
If you are interested we can talk and make a plan

Miggy Figgy (@__miggy__figgy__)
__miggy__figgy__16.07.2018 22:40:00


Nicole kroxx (@nicole_krx)
nicole_krx17.07.2018 01:08:24

👀 @adele 

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