The effortless queen of song, Dolly Parton! We love you! We wish We could possess an ounce of your ability. You were the hero of our night! A hero of ... - Adele (@adele)
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mehdi mirzaei (@mehdim2586)
mehdim258619.03.2018 11:57:59


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viideogram19.03.2018 12:04:18


"Hear Ye"-Revelations 1:3 (@wisdomwhispering)
wisdomwhispering19.03.2018 12:56:31

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senobar.j.vanaki19.03.2018 13:06:29

Tomorrow in Iran, the celebration of "Nowruz" is the celebration of the beginning of the spring and the New Year ... I congratulate the new year from Iran to adore my darling ...

Marcelo Lopez (@marcelolh222)
marcelolh22219.03.2018 13:07:57


Marina Teresa Mansilla (@marinamans76)
marinamans7619.03.2018 13:38:02

Como to Argentina 🇦🇷 I love you 💕😘❤️

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midnight._.club19.03.2018 13:44:17

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Sdinho Abayomi (@sdinhoabayomi)
sdinhoabayomi19.03.2018 14:07:40

... #Mai_crush!!! 

Sdinho Abayomi (@sdinhoabayomi)
sdinhoabayomi19.03.2018 14:07:59

... #Mai_idol... 

Elizaveta | SMM (@izi_kom)
izi_kom19.03.2018 14:10:05


Jade Winter (@jadewintr)
jadewintr19.03.2018 14:42:18


•Май нейм из ПОЛЯ• (@__ananasik_official__)
__ananasik_official__19.03.2018 14:58:35


•Май нейм из ПОЛЯ• (@__ananasik_official__)
__ananasik_official__19.03.2018 14:58:44

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_____heja.82219.03.2018 15:04:15


Song And Dance Lovers! (@song___dance)
song___dance19.03.2018 15:33:08

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besoyekar (@besoyekar)
besoyekar19.03.2018 15:49:50

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Alberto (@betoperk)
betoperk19.03.2018 16:11:57


ViLe (@_glaza_._neba_)
_glaza_._neba_19.03.2018 16:16:46


Beşiktaş JK (@efeerengokalp)
efeerengokalp19.03.2018 16:18:26

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Mohsen Mohamadi (@mohamadi8819)
mohamadi881919.03.2018 16:24:09


Decatur Redd (@decaturredd)
decaturredd19.03.2018 16:25:36


ruazadi (@ruazadi)
ruazadi19.03.2018 16:26:29

Turkey wants to genicide Kurds like Armenian. #StopAfrinGenocide  #Erdogan_massacre_Afrin 

♠️Spike - the Frenchman♠️ (@spike_the_frenchman)
spike_the_frenchman19.03.2018 16:36:23

Love you so much 💛💛

🌊Marina🌊 (@mary_777_)
mary_777_19.03.2018 16:46:57

Please, help us to save little lion cubs from animal violence🙏They need your help🆘. Sign the petition. Link in the bio or here  There you can see more photo and video about it. 🙏Thank you

Aywin Keldi (@aywinkeldi)
aywinkeldi19.03.2018 16:49:23

Das betrubte wieder der schunen Kriemhilde Sinn🇹🇷 (@doganx167)
doganx16719.03.2018 16:55:56

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doganx16719.03.2018 16:55:59

📣 gönderi bildirimlerini açarmısınız profilimdeki sağ ustten 3 noktaya basarak açabilirsiniz. :) Ayrıca hesabımı paylaşabilirsiniz 🙏🎩

P&L Berries 🇹🇿 (@mr__berries)
mr__berries19.03.2018 17:00:26

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mehdi mirzaei (@mehdim2586)
mehdim258619.03.2018 17:26:59


Librocubicularist 📖 (@afetkurbanova)
afetkurbanova19.03.2018 17:38:50


أمل 💕 (@tttkkk555)
tttkkk55519.03.2018 17:40:19

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Rateel.123 (@rateel.ee3)
rateel.ee319.03.2018 17:40:44

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rana23703419.03.2018 17:41:27

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asirih679919.03.2018 17:41:27

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Amer123 (@amer1232359)
amer123235919.03.2018 17:41:36

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TchiKoű (@chakib_tchikou_)
chakib_tchikou_19.03.2018 17:43:35

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D:Saleh alzhirri (@zd.662)
zd.66219.03.2018 17:43:47

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Mona.0 (@mona_14a)
mona_14a19.03.2018 17:44:50

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Suda✨ (@su.rzy)
su.rzy19.03.2018 17:51:12


Suda✨ (@su.rzy)
su.rzy19.03.2018 17:51:13


Bita_Mzuri (@bita_mzuri)
bita_mzuri19.03.2018 17:56:17


leopard_and_desert19.03.2018 18:01:28



Andrine🦋 (@andrinevaag)
andrinevaag19.03.2018 18:16:45

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asdd76545a19.03.2018 18:21:57

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Burak Efe Demir (@burak.efeee)
burak.efeee19.03.2018 18:33:25


Burak Efe Demir (@burak.efeee)
burak.efeee19.03.2018 18:33:27


madaoy.hfc (@madaoy.hfc_0)
madaoy.hfc_019.03.2018 18:39:56

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nataliestshirtshop19.03.2018 18:42:31

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the Queen👑💎✈💓 (@queen_ra7oum)
queen_ra7oum19.03.2018 19:15:59

missing your voice 💔❤ i always loved it and still ❤❤❤ please sing for us again😣😣😣 love you adeleee ❤😍

Madeline Rose (@madelinersings)
madelinersings19.03.2018 19:23:42

I did a cover of turning tables! It would mean the world to me if you gave it a listen!🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for being my musical inspiration! @adele 

Peter Hlinka (@petohli)
petohli19.03.2018 19:34:18

Great 👌😉

claptoy (@ivan1234saez)
ivan1234saez19.03.2018 19:35:11


Twinkles (@twinklesmagic)
twinklesmagic19.03.2018 20:12:05


Cleyton_Duarte🌅 (@cleytonjds)
cleytonjds19.03.2018 20:18:39

O que houve adele Sao mais de 40 dias sem postar mais nada.🤔

Maria (@maria_loureiro2016)
maria_loureiro201619.03.2018 20:40:29

@cleytonjds  ela esta vivendo a vida...ela n gosta da fama..deixa ela

Jessica Campos (@jessicacs_7)
jessicacs_719.03.2018 20:49:50


Show off your skills (@talent_perfect)
talent_perfect19.03.2018 21:24:12

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Zélia Salu (@zelia.salu)
zelia.salu19.03.2018 21:51:29

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Zélia Salu (@zelia.salu)
zelia.salu19.03.2018 21:51:32


Zélia Salu (@zelia.salu)
zelia.salu19.03.2018 21:51:41


Cleyton_Duarte🌅 (@cleytonjds)
cleytonjds19.03.2018 22:01:19

@maria_loureiro2016  jkkkk ta ok.

🌜 Der General 🌛 (@andreasdiedrich)
andreasdiedrich19.03.2018 22:12:25


Emily Pham (@emilysartshop)
emilysartshop19.03.2018 22:12:45

I make calligraphy watercolors and drawings! Would really appreciate it if you checked out my work❤️

*~.::.Queen Bee.::.~* (@kristen_salas)
kristen_salas19.03.2018 22:40:08


britt🌼🐙 (@brittadventurez)
brittadventurez19.03.2018 23:02:51

👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼So cool! #adventureisoutthere 

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Jeff (@spacelebrity)
spacelebrity19.03.2018 23:39:10

Adele we want more music

Bao Thanh Thiên (@xbaothanhthienx)
xbaothanhthienx20.03.2018 00:06:19

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Bao Thanh Thiên (@xbaothanhthienx)
xbaothanhthienx20.03.2018 00:06:21

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Izwan (@izone79)
izone7920.03.2018 00:12:29

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Eduardo Flores (@eduardo_leon98)
eduardo_leon9820.03.2018 00:56:44

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RAMYRESRAMYRES (@ramyreshenrique)
ramyreshenrique20.03.2018 01:43:48

Love you

shiyas (@shiyas.mhd)
shiyas.mhd20.03.2018 01:49:50

Love you

shiyas (@shiyas.mhd)
shiyas.mhd20.03.2018 01:49:52


عاقب (@_.mussi._)
_.mussi._20.03.2018 01:50:05

Miss you.😭

Song And Dance Lovers! (@song___dance)
song___dance20.03.2018 01:51:42

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P&L Berries 🇹🇿 (@mr__berries)
mr__berries20.03.2018 01:54:09

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hanan 🙋🏻 (@hanaan20.5)
hanaan20.520.03.2018 02:08:06

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xvogiakietx20.03.2018 02:58:23

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xvogiakietx20.03.2018 02:58:25

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ladies_of_asia20.03.2018 03:16:47


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_.ellana25._20.03.2018 03:46:26


Красивые Девушки Азии (@ladies_of_asia)
ladies_of_asia20.03.2018 04:00:03

Damo Dami (@damo.dami)
damo.dami20.03.2018 04:04:16


Красивые Девушки Азии (@ladies_of_asia)
ladies_of_asia20.03.2018 04:16:01

🍎🧠🍉🍒🍒🍒 it's good that there are such nice people! I really like your page, let's be friends!

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Orhan (@orhaantr)
orhaantr20.03.2018 04:51:56


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jacksiben20.03.2018 04:52:15


ℰva ☾ (@avakreu)
avakreu20.03.2018 05:11:18


Сабина.Тренер,спец.по питанию (@sabina_zumba)
sabina_zumba20.03.2018 05:49:04

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dayna.bar20.03.2018 05:55:06

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jadhampton20.03.2018 05:57:38


malagal mesar (@lola____19)
lola____1920.03.2018 06:11:21


Izwan (@izone79)
izone7920.03.2018 06:23:13

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Красивые Девушки Казани (@kazan_top_beauties)
kazan_top_beauties20.03.2018 07:49:45

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mehdi mirzaei (@mehdim2586)
mehdim258620.03.2018 08:02:59


br_hy20.03.2018 08:12:54

Where are you kween

Paulina Bentlejewska (@bentlejewskaa)
bentlejewskaa20.03.2018 08:49:49

Lb l4l

Ħichem Ĉherrad (@hichemcherrad)
hichemcherrad20.03.2018 09:05:11

U follow me = I follow u

manuelhoyos20.03.2018 09:22:04

Love u mami

Sofia Aira | Singer ❣️ (@sofialouisemusic)
sofialouisemusic20.03.2018 09:36:20

Please check out my page, I do covers of songs like friends, Never be the same and even a mashup of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ album! Thanks, hope to see you on my page! ☺️❣️

LUXURY BRAND ™️ (@lifestyler_online)
lifestyler_online20.03.2018 10:16:58

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Casebubble (@casebubble_inc)
casebubble_inc20.03.2018 10:22:36


Randy A. (@randynotes)
randynotes20.03.2018 10:37:47

Adele how are you?

Romina (@iam._.romina)
iam._.romina20.03.2018 10:56:10


Andi Husniatuzzahra (@andhsntzzhr)
andhsntzzhr20.03.2018 10:58:06


Britney Spears (@__britneyspears_)
__britneyspears_20.03.2018 11:13:24

I love you You're the best I admire you so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❣❣❣❣❣💋💋💋💜💜💜💜💖💖💖🌹🌹

milad.booshehrianpoor20.03.2018 11:26:28

happy nowruz

N G Ọ C (@yu_____huang)
yu_____huang20.03.2018 11:37:12

Prince D∆VISoprano 🤘 VISIONS⚜🔑 (@realdavisoprano)
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khaki_ali_20.03.2018 13:31:17

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_.ellana25._20.03.2018 14:02:04


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tove_artwork20.03.2018 15:36:48

I draw realistic celebrities in black and white only with pencils ✏️ 💛✏️

Oussama EL Merabet 🔥⚠ (@oussama.el.merabet)
oussama.el.merabet20.03.2018 15:48:22


DUA  LIPA (@duglipa)
duglipa20.03.2018 16:03:55


|Jeremy| (@_jeremystrauch_)
_jeremystrauch_20.03.2018 16:07:11


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ruazadi (@ruazadi)
ruazadi20.03.2018 16:19:24

Erdogan kills Kurdish children in Afrin.
How many more civilians, especially childran has to die in #Afrin  before the international comunity breaks their silence?
Please act now tomorrow is too late.

mehrdad.babayi (@mehrdad.babayi)
mehrdad.babayi20.03.2018 16:46:36

I love you

Ömer Faruk Öztürk (@heomerfaruk)
heomerfaruk20.03.2018 16:47:44


Sezgin Narlıoğlu (@sezgino_4773_sezgino)
sezgino_4773_sezgino20.03.2018 16:59:39


princess monty (@for.ever.shoping)
for.ever.shoping20.03.2018 17:02:22

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mounir taib (@amitie_toujour)
amitie_toujour20.03.2018 17:19:16

I heard you were sick
How are you now
I like your voice

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sevgy_shop20.03.2018 17:26:50

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мaтιaѕ (@iamsmatias)
iamsmatias20.03.2018 18:45:29

We miss you so much please come back

Tracy Hobbs💋 (@tracy_hobbs82)
tracy_hobbs8220.03.2018 18:55:07

Please help my IZZY boo 🐶 she needs major surgery her link is in my bio under my pic/name highlighted in blue. Share and Pray!! 🙏 @adele 

Stryvelle Gray UK (@stryvelle)
stryvelle20.03.2018 19:10:57


Cristhian Vargas 💕 (@crissoficial)
crissoficial20.03.2018 19:17:23

lb first 3

🎀گندالْ الـــعــــرب🎀 (@kendall.officiel)
kendall.officiel20.03.2018 19:21:14


🎀گندالْ الـــعــــرب🎀 (@kendall.officiel)
kendall.officiel20.03.2018 19:21:15


🎀گندالْ الـــعــــرب🎀 (@kendall.officiel)
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Ailton Mendes (@supermends)
supermends20.03.2018 19:39:57

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real_diamondss20.03.2018 21:18:30

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