Somehow I've been living the last few months thinking I was a year older than I actually am 😂
This is an absolute result because it now feels like I - ✧ TALISA + SAM ✧ TWO WANDERERS (@_twowander_)
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the hag (@cassiethehag)
cassiethehag06.12.2018 12:47:20

What a lovely positive caption and so glad you feel this way ❤️

Amalia Solano (@amalia.aventurera)
amalia.aventurera06.12.2018 12:59:20

I'm reading you and I'm happy to receive your positive and optimistic vibe. Everything depends on how you see it, your perspective of it. Glad you feel this way because you can only go further from here. ♥️🐾👏👀

Jarek Romaniuk (@jarekromaniuk)
jarekromaniuk06.12.2018 13:33:13

I always forget how old i am so no worries, same issues;) lovely pic btw😉👍

VANESSA ✺ LUCA ♡ TRAVEL COUPLE (@explore.couple)
explore.couple06.12.2018 14:23:25

What a beautiful caption!😊

The Palacios ✈ Travel Couple (@traversingtogether)
traversingtogether06.12.2018 14:24:52

You two are way too cute 💕

✮ lexi ✮ (@organictraveler)
organictraveler06.12.2018 17:35:56

haha! 😂 i totally forget how old i am at times too. and i couldn’t agree more with about embracing the moments i’m in rather than wishing i could go back into my earlier years!

Couple On The Go 2018 (@coupleonthego2018)
coupleonthego201806.12.2018 18:49:27

Hahaha 😜 When people ask how old am I, I always need a while to think before I answer😉

Jayne Reynolds (@yourtravellingcompanionjayne)
yourtravellingcompanionjayne06.12.2018 21:35:48


Sobreviviendo en Pareja ✨ (@sobreviviendoenpareja)
sobreviviendoenpareja07.12.2018 00:25:47

You guys are really cute 🖤

Maurizio ⚜️ (@thechinaconnection)
thechinaconnection07.12.2018 02:06:55

I like your concept of time! Great picture

✧ TALISA + SAM ✧ TWO WANDERERS (@_twowander_)
_twowander_07.12.2018 03:38:51


Nina Sarah Botzen (@the_escapedstudent)
the_escapedstudent07.12.2018 09:10:21


•»мαlια ĸooɴтz«•աɑղժҽɾíղց ՏօմӀ (@adventuresofacervivor)
adventuresofacervivor13.12.2018 12:16:42

Nice shot! 👍👍👍!!!

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