How would you spec your BC?
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Want to spec your own hypercar? Want to design the one-off of your dreams? - Supercars Daily (@_supercar.central_)
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Vlej (@alex_vleju)
alex_vleju12.01.2019 16:15:53

Pearlescent yellow with matte carbon fibre accents is the dream

Cody Dykeman (@mini_trucks_of_ontario)
mini_trucks_of_ontario12.01.2019 16:11:34

I dig it👌

Big.E (@ethannn_swennney)
ethannn_swennney13.01.2019 21:59:29

I have seen this car in person multiple times as it comes to the cars and coffee near me a lot

mason Ruth (@masonruth_)
masonruth_13.01.2019 18:57:09


Mark Brend (@mbrendf11)
mbrendf1113.01.2019 14:49:15


Luke Evans (@lukevans__)
lukevans__13.01.2019 14:32:03


Alessandro Ligorio (@alessandro__ligorio)
alessandro__ligorio13.01.2019 10:57:57

Green and orange with tan interior

₪ ₪ R ι c հ ι ε ₪ ₪ (@fede_95_richie)
fede_95_richie13.01.2019 10:09:36


Max (@maxradakovitz)
maxradakovitz13.01.2019 05:49:34

Best spec I’ve seen

Brandon Grigsby (@bgrigsby1106)
bgrigsby110612.01.2019 21:27:45

Carbon fiber blacks with orange accents just like the one on the picture but with a bigger rear wing and a roof scoop

All you need is cars (@allyouneediscars)
allyouneediscars12.01.2019 20:44:49


wjcooley12.01.2019 19:52:52

Not like that 😂

Мурад Гасанов (@f40_the_best)
f40_the_best12.01.2019 19:25:39


hq.batman12.01.2019 18:51:37

Blue carbon

abe halaika (@brinyfuture)
brinyfuture12.01.2019 18:37:46

Like this maybe in a diff color but this looks insane

modeldic (@modeldic)
modeldic12.01.2019 18:11:21


Charles V (@kingcharles365)
kingcharles36512.01.2019 18:06:09

I’d make it black carbon with pink outlines

FadedYeet (@fadeyeet)
fadeyeet12.01.2019 17:53:38

Exactly that

Mclaren Junkie (@mclarenjunkie)
mclarenjunkie12.01.2019 16:42:03


jhon louw (@jhonlouw)
jhonlouw12.01.2019 16:26:25

I'd go wild and go for Orange and clear carbon

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