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Heritage Creative Co. (@heritagecreativeco)
heritagecreativeco10.07.2019 18:58:34

Oh no!! That sounds awful! Hoping your week turns around!!

Baylee Dennis (@bayleedennis)
bayleedennis10.07.2019 18:59:13

You have the worst luck in the whole world I’m pretty sure 🙈

Wedding~Elopement photographer (@janasnuderl)
janasnuderl10.07.2019 19:50:55

Wow! Love this black and white tones 😍

ADK Wedding Photographer (@kortnimaria)
kortnimaria10.07.2019 20:53:21

This is so creative 🙌🏼

South Ga Photographer (@kendiaustinsonphoto)
kendiaustinsonphoto10.07.2019 20:54:02

I love this! It’s so timeless

sylvia stahl photo (@sylviastahlphoto)
sylviastahlphoto10.07.2019 23:51:12

at least the weeks almost over 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ such a good b&w btw!

Julia Duke (@juliadukephoto)
juliadukephoto11.07.2019 03:37:20

Welp, only one way to go from here! 🔝🙌🏼🤣 and hey, at least you have THIS beautiful image going for ya! 👊🏼😍

Alex Poffe (@alexpoffephotographer)
alexpoffephotographer11.07.2019 07:59:10

Beautiful ❤️

Cincinnati Photographer (@kaseymillerphotography)
kaseymillerphotography11.07.2019 16:23:40

Sounds like your week is going like mine... hang in there it’s almost the weekend ❤️

Ca Love Photographer☀️ (@sadiemakphotos)
sadiemakphotos11.07.2019 16:49:10

I feel you this post! I feel like my week is going just like that toO! Minus the nail breaking

Lauren Neely Photography (@laurenneelyphoto)
laurenneelyphoto11.07.2019 19:16:23

Oh no!!!! 😂 So sorry!!

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