Chicago from above 
#repost from @mmeyers76 - Chicago (@_ilovechicago)
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Glam Diary (@desiglamdiary)
desiglamdiary06.09.2019 14:48:12


JoshuaAdam Xander Harwell (@itsbigger_thanme)
itsbigger_thanme06.09.2019 15:33:49

“Rum”......I love it!

ZANBAR ZANDY (@zanbarzandy)
zanbarzandy06.09.2019 16:25:57

Beautiful Pic👍LUV MY CITY❤💯💯💯

Claude Fleury (@claude.fleury.54922)
claude.fleury.5492206.09.2019 17:16:17

Bel éclairage!!!!

babyy_mai06.09.2019 21:05:09


VP (@vaskonifl)
vaskonifl09.09.2019 20:17:43

Love and miss Chicago!

Nathalie Michel (@nathalie020877)
nathalie02087711.09.2019 11:30:19


Bibi Shaffir (@lorddepfeffelsniffington)
lorddepfeffelsniffington15.09.2019 08:18:08

I was going to like the picture but then I noticed the deliberate politicization.

Barbara (@johnbarbajohn)
johnbarbajohn18.09.2019 01:41:14

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