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Indigenous action on the frontlines is powerful. In N
#Repost@amazonfrontlines Indigenous action on the frontlines is powerful. In November of this year, the Waorani people halted oil drilling in one of the last remaining oil-free, roadless areas of their territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In 2019, they'll be pushing even harder to ensure their territory remains free from natural resource extraction, and filing a lawsuit against the government to denounce the violation of their right to free, prior and informed consent. ⠀ ⠀ Please help support this urgent work for indigenous rights, forest protection and our climate future! Stand with the Amazon’s oldest guardians, join this movement. All monthly donations are being matched by @leonardodicaprio and @leonardodicapriofdn (follow link in our bio) ⠀ ⠀ #amazon#ecuador#indigenous#indigenousrights#frontlines#tribes#survival#climatechange#environment#forests#amazonia
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Emmy-award-winning filmmakers Kristi Jacobson & @rogerro
#Repost@billionoyster Emmy-award-winning filmmakers Kristi Jacobson & @rogerrosswilliams have spent more than a year behind the scenes with @harborschool students. Now the premiere of #TakeBacktheHarbor hits @Discovery TUES, DEC 18, 8pm EST! Watch as these young stewards dive deep to restore oyster reefs to NY Harbor, a waterway that was once one of the world's most dynamic ecosystems. w/ @Motto_Pictures#environment#education#sustainable#cities#film#NYC
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In Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, heavy snaring has led to less
#Repost@lionrecovery In Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, heavy snaring has led to less prey for lions and as a result increased conflict between humans and lions. This is because lions are more likely to feed off livestock when there is less prey. To tackle this, our funds to Zambian Carnivore Programme (@zcp_org) and @conserevationsouthluangwa will be used for poaching patrols and outreach to improve livestock corrals and village fencing. They will also be educating herders on early detection systems so they know when lions are approaching their livestock and can prevent the loss of livestock. Click the link in our bio to learn more. Photo: Chase Dart #lions#Zambia#Africa#wildlife#conservation
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#Repost @wildlifefirst Sad discovery made in Phnom Penh this week. 1026 tusks—th
#Repost@wildlifefirst Sad discovery made in Phnom Penh this week. 1026 tusks—that's 513 elephants which were needlessly killed—were discovered in Cambodia's largest-ever ivory bust. . (BBC) - Cambodia has seized more than 3.2 tonnes of African ivory hidden in a storage container from Mozambique, a customs official has said. The discovery of 1,026 tusks at the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port on Thursday followed a tip off from the US embassy. The shipment arrived in the country last year and its unknown recipient did not arrive at the port to pick it up. Demand from China and Vietnam has meant Cambodia has become a key transit point for the illicit wildlife trade. "The elephant tusks were hidden among marble in a container that was abandoned," Sun Chhay, director of the Customs and Excise Office at the port, told the AFP news agency. Sun Chhay said he did not know whether the shipment was intended for other countries.
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El Parque Nacional Iberá, junto con el Parque Provincial
#Repost@cltargentina El Parque Nacional Iberá, junto con el Parque Provincial del mismo nombre, conforman el mayor Parque Natural de Argentina (más de 700.000 ha con especies únicas de fauna y flora). Desde hace más de 10 años trabajamos para recuperar paisajes degradados y especies desaparecidas, con un manejo activo, para volver a tener ecosistemas completos, con su belleza, funcionalidad y resiliencia. La reintroducción de especies es la practica de rewilding que mejor refleja la identidad de CLT y el trabajo exitoso realizado en Iberá podría ser el modelo a seguir en otras áreas protegidas del país. _______________ The Iberá National Park, together with the Provincial Park with the same name, forms the largest Natural Park in Argentina (more than 700,000 hectares with unique species of fauna and flora). For more than 10 years we have been working to recover degraded landscapes and extinct species, with active management, to return to complete ecosystems, with their beauty, functionality and resilience. The reintroduction of species is the rewilding practice that better reflects the identity of CLT and the successful work carried out in Iberá could be the model to follow in other protected areas of the country. #rewilding#iberawetlands#parquesnacionalesar#corrientes#leonardodicapriofdn#parquenacionalibera#fullnature#tompkins_conservation
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Proud of the work @elephantcrisisfund is doing #Repost @elephantcrisisfund 
Proud of the work @elephantcrisisfund is doing #Repost@elephantcrisisfund ECF funded satellite tracking collars, fitted on elephants in Nsumbu National Park in Zambia in September are already proving an essential tool in anti-poaching operations. ECF partner, @frankfurt.zoological.society (FZS), says spatial data from the collars, pinpointing the position of elephants in the park are helping them to coordinate field patrols and investigation units more efficiently than before. As a result, only one elephant has been poached in the past four months and six people have been arrested and convicted. #patrols#data#Nsumbu#Zambia#FrankfurtZoologicalSociety#elephantcrisisfund#elephants. Photo: Zambia Airforce Colonel M'Zungu
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Over the past few years, we’ve been proud to support the work of @amazonfrontlin
Over the past few years, we’ve been proud to support the work of @amazonfrontlines and alianzaceiboamazonia, who together are building an indigenous-led movement to defend the Amazon rainforest, indigenous ways of life, and our climate. Watch their video to learn more. Because we believe their work is so important, and so urgent, LDF is excited to announce that we’ll be matching all monthly donations to these organizations up to $50,000 per month throughout 2019. Building a community of monthly givers is vital to this powerful work in the Amazon. We invite you to join the movement and double your impact through 2019 by becoming a monthly donor today at: https://www.amazonfrontlines.org/donate/
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Incredible news for our ocean! Today the Argentinia
#Repost@natgeopristineseas Incredible news for our ocean! Today the Argentinian Senate voted for the creation of two new marine protected areas (MPAs): Namuncurá/Banco Burdwood 2 (29,000 square kilometers) and Yaganes (69,000 square km), located in the southern waters of the country. On December 5, the Argentinian Congress voted in favor with an unanimous 196-0. With these new MPAs, Argentina quadruples their federal MPAs, and joins the ambition and vision of leading countries in ocean conservation. These areas contain unique biodiversity, from threatened albatrosses that roam the skies, to marine mammals like sea lions and whales, to fragile deep sea animals living on undersea mountain ridges. The biggest threat to these rich ocean ecosystems is industrial fishing, especially bottom trawling that can destroy thousands of years of growth in the single pass of a net. By protecting these areas, Argentina also helps to replenish its overfished stocks. Thank you Argentina for such historic action! . . . @natgeopristineseas@tierradelfuegogob@rabinosergiobergman@emilianoez#secretariaambienteargentina@estebanbullrich@tompkins_conservation@fmarpatagonico@parquesnacionalesar#oceans5 Every one of these MPAs contributes to our #wyssfoundation#campaignfornature 30% protected by 2030 target. Photo by @enricsala
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This past week, @AmazonFrontlines and Ceibo Alliance
#Repost@amazonfrontlines This past week, @AmazonFrontlines and Ceibo Alliance had the honor of accompanying members of the Kofán community of Sinangoe, the Siona of Wisuya and the Waorani of Pastaza in a series of meetings with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, @VickiTauli-corpus, during her visit to Ecuador. These meetings allowed members of these communities to describe the systematic violations of their rights by governments and extractive companies to Ms. Tauli-Corpuz, who released the preliminary results from her visit yesterday.⠀ ⠀ “During my visits to communities and in dialogue with indigenous peoples, I’ve observed that so-called development projects have violated and continue to violate peoples’ fundamental rights… These grave violations of human rights, including the collective right to prior consultation, have been recognized in recent provincial court rulings, as is the case with Río Blanco and Sinangoe. I truly hope that these sentences are duly applied.” ⠀ ⠀ Thank you, Ms. Tauli-Corpuz, for taking the time to listen to the indigenous peoples of Ecuador who have been fighting in defense of their lands and rights against enormous threats on behalf of future generations and our planet.
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#Repost @lacompost On #WorldSoilDay what inspires us the most is the human ecosy
#Repost@lacompost On #WorldSoilDay what inspires us the most is the human ecosystem of composters, gardeners, farmers, and neighbors doing their part to amplify the impact healthy soils have on our communities. 🌱Message us today to find out how you can join a healthy soil generating compost hub near you. #soilandpeople Thanks to @lasfotosproject for these beautiful photos taken at our Gratitude Party back in October.
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Today is #WIldlifeConservationDay! Through our Wildland and Landscapes program,
Today is #WIldlifeConservationDay! Through our Wildland and Landscapes program, LDF works to scale projects protecting critical eco-regions around the world and connecting often isolated islands of habitat to restore threatened wildlife populations. Follow the link in bio to learn more about these projects.
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