🤨yeah just in case you thought I was fucking around. Issac Wright 💣TicTic BOOM #lecheminduroi Hassan johnson @hinikoj you know WEE BAY - 50 Cent (@50cent)
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Larenz Tate (@larenztate)
larenztate15.03.2019 04:05:20


Good Rap Songs (@goodrapsongs)
goodrapsongs14.03.2019 06:59:56

Since this will get lost in the comments...
I eat ass
@yogi.mp4  @haqnii  @kepinjuliano  @itscloutgod 

Bari Blocca (Yung Block) (@bariblocca)
bariblocca15.03.2019 03:56:21

You Might  Ignore This , But Ima Young Rapper/Artist From NYC 🗽. You Would Really Make My Day By Liking 💚 This Comment So More People Will Notice Me . Thank You 🙏🔉(I'm Not a Bot) @haqnii  @bot.r22 

👦Steven Carrico (@stevie0513)
stevie051314.03.2019 06:41:46

@yogi.mp4  fiff wont respond to this

Every Follower Helps!🙏 (@every.follower.helps)
every.follower.helps14.03.2019 08:38:09

Well known page. Got banned and is starting over plz help get it back to 50k 👉👉@nyeahehhtv  I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else😢 tag a friend spread awareness  @haqnii  @yogi.mp4  @bot.r22  @iniigani  @2krafi  @iqbaltgani  @requests1million  tag a friend to warn... like if you feel my pain. Every follow helps 🙏🙏

City of Sun (@ciitysun)
ciitysun14.03.2019 06:51:10

@50cent  who is he? And speak more about #Power  @power_starz.  When is next season première ? @haqnii  @yogqqq 

traww__314.03.2019 06:51:11

“ she wasn’t no cop, she look like one of Orlando’s hoes”

Hassan Johnson (@hinikoj)
hinikoj14.03.2019 07:20:47


Joaquin Reyes (@joaquinreyes510)
joaquinreyes51014.03.2019 06:43:21

How the fuck Wee Bey get out. Motherfucker had like 10 or 20 bodies at least

Chickenman36oz (@chickenman.5)
chickenman.514.03.2019 06:41:35

Nigga got weebey?? Issa classic already.

redrum7178114.03.2019 06:44:49

Police: you did Gant?
Wee bay: mmmyeah Gant

Cole Pfeifer (@captaingraham)
captaingraham14.03.2019 06:46:23

Wee bay finally out of prison to see his fishes😂😂😂😂

Dionne King (@aquarius_rn)
aquarius_rn14.03.2019 06:40:29

@50cent  glad to see you supporting amazing underrated actors!

Pottz (@pottz_thaproducer)
pottz_thaproducer14.03.2019 16:05:34

A hood movie AINT a hood movie without this nigga! 🤣

Alena (@lenaleenfym)
lenaleenfym14.03.2019 06:40:09

Weebay 😍

MDFRICHA (@mdfricha)
mdfricha14.03.2019 07:42:11

That nigga made that meal look like the best meal in the show when he was coping bodies

50centnewsfeed (@50centnewsfeed)
50centnewsfeed14.03.2019 06:54:06


Justbeingme93 (@justbeingme93)
justbeingme9314.03.2019 10:56:03

He need to get a lot of the crew from The Wire that would be dope,,,,,,,Yo OMAR COMING🔥🔥🔥🔥 50cent

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