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The journey home at dusk in the old ‘76. Right behind a stranger’s late 70’s Jee
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The journey home at dusk in the old ‘76. Right behind a stranger’s late 70’s Jeep Willys such a great way to end the day. #1924us#travel#explore#adventure#outdoors#adventuremobile#design#go#mountains#coast#beach#australia#vintage#antiques#toyotas#landcruiser#ute
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The 1924 physical space is coming together as we hash together dozens upon dozen
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The 1924 physical space is coming together as we hash together dozens upon dozens of designs, physical products, brands, identities we’ve built up, collaborations, art and antiques. Best part is that it’s never going to be pretentious, that our hustle will be approachable, shareable, teachable and malleable. Our clients scale the far reaches of the earth and the furthest diversities, plus we’re affordable. We’ve been through 40 brands this year and are hustling to push out twenty more by end of year. If you’re in need of something, we’re bound to help ya! Getting back to our emails, but here’s a look at a sneak of the new shop rag design coming to 1924. New presets, candles, antiques, books, and more available at 1924.us. This design is built with our custom VIF font solidified. Opening Late September in Noosa, Australia. #1924us#design#brand#identity#productdevelopment#work#travel#explore#art#ventureonward#viffont#life#faith#typeset#hierarchy#generalstore#antiques#vintage#australia#aususa
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Spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, mistakes are an incredible allowance in
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Spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, mistakes are an incredible allowance in nature. There is a world of death around us that we are so out of touch with, and I find myself humbled by the fact death is such a natural occurrence in some places, and so often and so close that it’s not even feared or terribly questioned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it always that the ability to question, to complain or to change are all privileges we’re blessed with. We’re out where we are for a reason, and it’s greater than just circumstance, so why is it when things don’t come up exactly how they are, we feel such a need to be upset about it? Such minor trivial things frustrate us, cause us to curse under our breath, or have a bad experience. The audacity of complaining about food not being good enough or service being poor or phones not being fast enough or well I could go on and on. First world problems seem to be only that on surface level, but when we’re so inwardly focused on our own negativity it also takes away our ability to empathise and help others who are in much lesser situations. It’s odd to live in a day an age of revered inspirations towards saving the world, recycling and environmentalism, and yet, constantly, apathy has become culturally norm - nearly idolised. “It’s cool to not care” as if the depths of the human condition are just so, trivial. I’ll admit firsthand I’m shortsighted with what I feel are problems, what I feel is wrong in my own world, and what frustrates me politically. The grander picture exceeds my daily thought-life, and often eludes me entirely: there are entire people’s in the world unnoticed, un-nurtured, neglected and happiest knowing their own fragility is a showcase of how much they can love those close to them. I wondered why my brothers, both similarly traumatised as I was through childhood, hadn’t found the same sense of injustice I had with the circumstance. Elle’s father told me: “some are just more sensitive than others, and interpret things uniquely”. That never left me. To this day I feel it to be a perfect reflection of the human condition - some have higher tolerances to tragedy and a greater love for life. #1924us
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An almost, unbelievable story. 
Yesterday as we drove towards Rainbow beach, aft
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An almost, unbelievable story. Yesterday as we drove towards Rainbow beach, after getting bogged and pushing onward, we didn’t expect much. Some fires burned on the shrub next to the sand and smoldered, casting a hazy smoke into the sky. This week we’ve had quite a few scares, with many fires blazing through Queensland, our new home here in Australia. But as we persisted, we were greeted by the sight of hefty fisherman with nothing but the stench of confidence, and beer of course. Friendly enough, we made our way to the end of the beach, and proceeded to climb up on the rocks near a light house looking out at the dully lit sky, hazed by smoke and blending into the blues that Australia is known for. We spotted giant turtles and got a thrill at that, then the spout of a whale and we started to gain anticipation so I unpacked the drone (thank you so much @djiglobal for what you have created) and flew it out. After twenty minutes we couldn’t spot any and hunched, ah well, next time. We walked a bit further and there they were again. Not one, or two but six, seven! Massive creatures of almost mythical existence. Then a pod of dozens of dolphins. As I zoomed in on the dolphins, following them for some time, my screen was taken over by black as the whales surfaced. The dolphins almost knowingly bringing me to them, as they then played, turning and tossing for the mother and her calf. One of the best days of my life, highlighted by the hard reality we have the ability to experience it at all. What a gift this life is. What miracles we have a chance of seeing. I hope you enjoy this phenomenally blessed moment, of two of God’s most elegant, enjoying one another in an ocean we can’t appreciate enough. #1924us#life#travel#natgeo#animals#fire#smoke#adventure#hope#whales#whale#dolphins#ocean#drone#explore#outdoors#faith#nature#photography
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A while back, one of the best experiences with @eluch shooting @ellemaywatson an
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A while back, one of the best experiences with @eluch shooting @ellemaywatson and I and our dog Forth running in the beach! It was meant to be playful and was good fun but the light was something else that day, paired with rain and the grey-blue hues... it was memorable to say the very least! @ellemaywatson and I are staying focused with our noses to the grindstone as we push ahead. I don’t think we could be happier with the friends we’ve had over the years who have snapped photos of us both individually and together, it’s so special to share these together and moments in time are only passing... thank you @eluch for this! #1924us#photography#film#ocean#waves#forest#fog#rain#travel#explore#adventure#tattoos#hope#change#love#inspiration#beach#boots#vintage#dog#puppy#hat#life
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The offical placement of the flagship. Today the signage found its spot above ou
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The offical placement of the flagship. Today the signage found its spot above our massive open door to the first ever @1924us shop. There are literally thousands of reasons to meander in here, whether you come to join us for a whisky or because you share a rich love for design, film cameras or well-made goods. From food to apothecary, blankets to backpacks, accessories to objects, there is a massive plethora of goods to behold here! Our hush-hush soft date opening is September 30th! As we inventory, catalogue, get packaging together and all that... phew I mean I just can’t even believe it. You could pinch me and I’d still think I’m dreaming. And without @ellemaywatson I kid you not this would not be possible, at, all. From the late nights we’ve worked here, to the collaborations she’s thought up! I’m just in awe that we have everything here now, it all feels so very real and no one could have higher expectations for it than us, so I’m so ready to see how it’s reacted to, embraced and what we can do to better it. Nothing in our life is ever perfect, but if you don’t try you’ll never know just how close you can get to it. Venture Onward! www.1924.us #1924us#travel#explore#adventure#adventuremobile#landcruiser#fj#toyota#signage#vintage#antique#love#faith#design#branding#studio#logo#official#venturedrive#film#cameras#militaria
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When you start something, whether it looks big or small to anyone else, when it’
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When you start something, whether it looks big or small to anyone else, when it’s something you’re passionate about, it takes all of who you are to do it well. Your time, money, blood and tears, all pieces of investment into something you have no idea whether or not will work out. Sure you might be proud or excited or confident, but none of those things translate to success or longevity. 10 years I’ve been photographing, designing and antiquing, 15 I’ve been writing and telling stories. Starting a shop feels so much like a part of me that it feels unexpectedly natural. @ellemaywatson and I both have days where we question ourselves and ambition but then so feel reaffirmed by God and all of you to be right where we are. We’re opening a shop on 2/20 Venture Drive in Noosaville, Queensland Australia, this month! We will have a solid date for you but I imagine it to be the very last day of September. And while we’re halfway round the world for thousands of you, the few who spot this close by, we hope this shop serves as inspiration, a place you can come and gander at what we make, design and collect in order to make this world feel a little bit more beautiful and interesting. Our website is also updating, new branding for dozens of clients is being released soon, and we’re finally starting to hire help around here. We couldn’t be more grateful for those that helped us get to this point, to all those who worked with us, inspired us, pushed us, asked us, questioned us, hired us, partnered with us, collaborated with us, and loved us. I’m not a young boy taking pictures of maps and forests anymore, and to be in Australia where we can bring a piece of my inspirations and make them feel felt physically, well it’s inspirational even to me. I’m excited to be here in Australia and give the best I possibly can to the new aesthetic that exists here, and to make new with it in a way that I can only hope is as impactful as where I come from. Thank you, welcome aboard (111k what!?) and Venture Onward. #1924us#travel#life#shop#explore#adventure#australia#love#hope#collecting#antiques#vintage#taxidermy#design#branding#art#tattoos#coffee#shop#generalstore
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Fear is undoubtedly one of the largest playing factors in why people choose to s
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Fear is undoubtedly one of the largest playing factors in why people choose to stay right where they are. Fear of what they’ll do wrong, or what they might be giving up. Fear of what may happen, or what won’t. All this insecurity about the future that keeps us from living in the present, and keeps us upset, angry or disappointed in the way the past has got us to this state. And then you hear the ole “whoever said life was fair?” So you kind of adopt this bitter, half-dealing way of looking at what a truly miraculous gift life is. When I look back on myself, I see a lot of myself that - at that time - I couldn’t see at all. And so I look back with a half-remembered version of things, myself now completely distanced from the person I was but somehow rubber-banded to the body I’m in. And at times it makes me laugh, and really ache. “How could I do that?” as I grimace and shake my head looking through memories, “what could possess someone to see the world that way?” Whether we know it or not, we’re on a journey of self-discovery through the art of progression, and moving forward is always progress but how much of it we allow ourselves to experience is left entirely up to whether or not we are willing. Not confident. Not many but the legends we make up in our minds do anything with complete fearlessness, blind faith doesn’t mean I go into things strongly or fearless - sometimes choosing to go forward can look like a broken heap of bones and flesh, bruised and burdened... but as you scrape from the floor forward you can see that there is a past and that you’re headed somewhere away from it. How you carry it is a reflection of your character. It isn’t always deeply emotional, or major in the ways some might think those terms apply. Sometimes the simplest, smallest and most broken steps forward are the biggest acts of courage. And some might smirk or brush you off, say “get on with it!” your struggle is yours and there’s a reason you’re gifted it. #1924us#life#faith#hope#travel#explore#adventure#ralphlauren#places#dog#home#kindness#chances#overcome#fear#oregon#washington#film#fire#campfire
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If you’ve ever written a book, many pages or small, you can attest to the amount
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If you’ve ever written a book, many pages or small, you can attest to the amount of detail that goes into it. As someone passionate about my writing, it’s always important to me that the message coming across is resounding, accurate and reflective of my emotions at that time. Well, paired up with an intense desire for good design and captivating photography - doing all three of these things by myself hasn’t necessarily been the simplest. In saying that, when I originally self-published FGTR, we sold 2,000 copies. With hundreds ordered now for the second edition it makes me so grateful, as I reinvest into the inevitable gargantuan cost of printing. It isn’t cheap to create something good, so it’s imperative I make it worth it on everyone’s end. With Defeat, it’s been the very same only we’ve had so many hands in the kitchen on that book and it’s a massive 200+ pages, hardcover with an innumerable amount of time spent on every little detail. Both books are set to release very soon, with FGTR coming in the next few weeks. I wanted to share this image in contrast to the life I lead aesthetically a year ago, to the one I live now (see last post) and the way climate, atmosphere and surroundings can truly change your approach to creativity. I’m eager to get these in y’alls hands. If you’re still keen to pre-order the book, you can get your hands on one at the site! We will have many many more in stock at a cost to 1924 but an important step for me as a young writer. Thank you everyone for the support and help you’ve given to me, and to the many who have shared their own stories with me in regards to FGTR, thank you for opening up and letting me see into the vulnerable parts of your lives. A boy, his Jeep, his dog and a mission to drive to Alaska with nothing but film cameras. A journey that acted as a catalyst to the next shift of my life. Coming again soon. #1924us#life#travel#explore#books#faith#hope#adventure#journey#design#photography#film#jeep#vintage#alaska#roadtrip#go#outdoors#mountains#forest#fog
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Embrace your wrestle! 
Last night we incurred the pleasure of spending time with
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Embrace your wrestle! Last night we incurred the pleasure of spending time with complete strangers in conversation and left as friends and avid supporters of one another. And David, and his lovely wife Lisa, both pastors down in Melbourne, had a lot to say in regards to purpose and came through to lend Elle and I some encouragement. It’s a funny thing; when you combat people’s ideas of “normal” they tend to get upset and will try and tear you down at your foundations. No one cares (as much) what your action is unless it’s associated with a belief. If a murderer has no belief system, oh he’s just a murderer. If a murderer is a Christian, he’s a crazy psycho, problematic yadda yadda. I think the reason that so many beliefs get targeted is because of what they portray to stand for, and often do not. If you set out to represent something, you have to live your life in a way reflective of that reputation. It’s not just for the purpose of appearance but for the value of what those beliefs are. It should make sense that there’s all these murmurs and gossip when a Christian has a falling out because the world is watching - if strong believers fall, then the normality of destructive behaviors becomes more and more acceptable. Normalizing destructive behaviors is a time we live in - if you want a closer look at it, peer into how we (de)value sex in any media industry, and then see how angry, sad and hurt people who are sexually abused or mistreated are. The age of dating around and not caring about the outcome is not an accurate reflection of inner turmoil and the outward struggle so apparent in everyone. It comes down to when you’re alone and thinking for that ten minutes before you sleep - what is occupying your headspace? What are you afraid of? Ashamed of? Happy for? Proud of? What are you practicing? I see a lot of trends and memes going around about how we should just let sad people have their bad days because everyone deserves them and I think that’s a crock - if you’re unhappy something is fundamentally wrong and can absolutely be changed for the better. Sadness is not an aesthetic. Religion isn’t a reputation. Sex is not love. #1924us#life#faith#change
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