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10 WWE Wrestlers Who Really Weren't Worth The Trouble

Sometimes in life, taking a large risk is absolutely worth the potential reward waiting for you later down the road...if it pays off.

This also applies to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Putting a World Championship on a newcomer, throwing an untested entity into a main event spot or even just allowing two already established superstars to go out and call an entire bout on the fly all fall into the category of "risky business" in the mind of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. But, when said chance is taken and fans react positively to the move, the boss happily leans back in his nice comfy leather chair and counts the millions this gamble will now steadily pump into his bank account.

Yet, for every risky WWE choice which eventually paid dividends, there's also another which left both the company and fans watching all around the world nursing an almighty headache.

Whether it was because of the decision to put the belt on an ageing legend (and murder their biggest rising star in the process), shine the spotlight on a controversial figure or throw a talent into the deep end before they were ready, each of the following ten WWE stars ended up causing more trouble than they were worth.

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