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10 Sickening Wrestling Bumps That Should Have Never Happened

The sight of a wrestler being suddenly dropped on their head, a performer falling from a great height or individuals having their bodies obliterated by inanimate objects will forever force fans to go absolutely nuts and simultaneously question whether what they just saw was supposed to even happen.

In many cases, it definitely was, as some of the most iconic and genuinely unsettling bumps in wrestling history were planned out in advance and precautions were put in place to ensure the stunt/move was pulled off as safely as possible. But, accidents can still happen when trying to create these shocking moments. That's just life, I'm afraid. That being said, there are also those other types of bumps which sounded like a truly terrible idea from the moment they were pitched and should never have been given the green light at all.

Whether they fall into the unfortunate former or latter category, each of these following ten sickening bumps left bodies broken, careers shortened and fans wincing at the sight of their favourite stars in legitimately perilous positions.

As always, hindsight is 20/20 and you'd like to think that each of the promotions involved have learned from their mistakes, but there's no denying that absolutely none of these incidents should've made it onto live television.

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