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The Real Reason Why Sasha Banks WON'T Do WWE's Total Divas


Sasha Banks has zero interest in ever appearing on WWE's Total Divas reality show.

The reigning SmackDown Women's Champion told Stephanie Chase in a new YouTube interview that she doesn't believe the show is "a place for [her]". Sasha did say that Total Divas is a great thing for those interested, but she's not amongst those who would ever agree to show up on the long-running series.

Total Divas debuted on E! in July 2013, and is currently gearing up for a 10th season on the network.


Whilst Banks is happy to admit that the show brings fresh eyes to the WWE product, she remains uninterested in becoming part of the faux-reality gang. This isn't some personal vendetta against the label "Diva" though - instead, Sasha says she just doesn't really fancy reality TV generally.

That's fair enough.


She told Chase that rubbing shoulders with celebs like the Kardashian family has helped some within WWE, but she wants to focus on actually wrestling and carving out a legacy for herself inside the ring. Few, if any, WWE fans would argue with that.

Banks isn't likely to drop in for a guest spot on the 10th season then.

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