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The Impossible Parks & Recreation Quiz

Sitcoms don't come much more endearing than Parks and Recreation, largely thanks to its colourful cast of characters, its relentlessly quotable dialogue, and the heart and soul which overflows in every single episode.

Despite being off the air for more than five years - aside from that recent lockdown-inspired special - Parks and Rec continues to endure as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, and one which has won itself a loyal legion of fans.

A big part of the reason the show remains so popular is the attention to detail where its characters are concerned.

The employees of the Parks Department may have heightened personalities and get down to some insane shenanigans over the show's seven seasons, but it's all rooted in a sense of relatable humanity.

With that in mind, though, just how much of the show has truly seeped its way into your brain? From obscure trivia to vital facts you absolutely need to know, only the most hardcore Parks and Rec swots have a chance of getting anywhere near 100%.

But no matter how you do, the answers are at the end. Good luck!

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