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Star Trek: Ranking The Series Intros Worst To Best

They say not to judge books by their covers, but of course we all do. That’s why book covers generally try to look so good. When it comes to television, then, think of intros (AKA title sequences) as book covers selling the contents within.

A proper TV intro must use engaging visuals and music to draw in a potential viewer's attention and then persuade them to keep watching. It has to provide in its scant time a sample of what the series is all about – the tone, themes, setting, and so on. It’s essentially asking for an investment of time, as it were, with the promise of an entertainment payoff to come.

Likewise, successful intros, especially their music, can become as iconic as the series themselves, while a poorly conceived intro can do far more harm than good.

With that in mind, how well have Star Trek TV intros succeeded, both in appealing to casual viewers as well as being compelling companions to their series?

And more importantly, how do they stack up against one another?

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