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Futurama: Every Season Ranked Worst To Best

The brainchild of The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Futurama first hit audiences in 1999, and shaped up to be one of TV's best-ever animated shows.

A sci-fi comedy with all the makings of your typical sitcom, the show went from strength to strength and proved to be a massive success with young and older viewers alike.

Despite being cancelled (more than once) and switching networks, Futurama had a great run, and could have gone on for as long as The Simpsons if the studios didn't keep messing it around.

With a simple premise and a wildly inventive execution, the show had everything from time travel, aliens, space battles, insane cross-overs with other beloved franchises and some genuinely touching moments. Top that off with iconic characters such as Fry, Bender, Leela, Professor Farnsworth and Zapp Brannigan, and what you have is a show destined to keep you watching for days at a time.

All in all, the show aired seven seasons, and though some were not as successful as others, they all carried with them the same themes and solid humour that made the series such a big success.

So, with that in mind, here are all seven seasons of Futurama ranked worst to best. Some major spoilers follow.

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