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Doctor Who: Why You Should Watch The Peter Cushing 'Dr. Who' Movies

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Here's a little backstory into my personal relationship with these films. Back when I was a kid, my parents quickly got me into the world of Doctor Who. But not in the conventional way. Instead they placed me in front of the Peter Cushing 'Dr. Who' outings first.

It's a strange way to get established with this infamous, and much beloved franchise, but that's where my journey began. And, honestly, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I personally love these movies. They are a fantastic delve into the mysterious unknown, particularly when you look at it from the perspective of what could've happened had Doctor Who been made with a film production during the 1960s. That, and of course, the 'what if' scenarios of having The Doctor be a completely different character in their own unique universe.

Fundamentally, I fell in love with these features and watched them over and over again as a child. Quickly I grew to idolise the Daleks, to the point where I became that sad little infant playing by their lonesome in the corner at school, re-enacting iconic scenes from the movies. Yeah, I was a pathetic lonely boy, but one with a huge appreciation for these amazing pieces of art. So much so that I was blown away when my parents introduced me to the product that allowed Peter Cushing's Dr. Who to grace the big screen.

I was soon thrown into a whole new universe of possibilities. Graced with the very show that the movies were based upon, I got to fall in love with Doctor Who all over again, and was blessed with so many Dalek outings. And, of course, history is history. Now I'm a massive Whovian who loves Doctor Who with all their heart. So, naturally, I thought it'd be a fun experience travelling down memory lane to see where it all started, and showcase the many reasons why you should check out the Peter Cushing films if you haven't already.

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