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10 Iconic Alien Planets In Classic Doctor Who

The Doctor has been travelling in the TARDIS on our screens for nearly sixty years, but some of the weird and wonderful worlds they have explored in that time may be completely alien to you.

Originating in the classic 1963-1989 TV Series, some of these colourful alien planets deserve further exploration, and we think these intergalactic hotspots are some of the coolest, most influential, most dangerous, and most memorable in the Whoniverse.

From deadly, war-torn jungles to radioactive wastelands, quarry-like mining colonies to sinister circuses, Doctor Who's unique production design has captured the imagination of audiences everywhere, leaving us with these timeless marvels of sci-fi ingenuity.

Read on and take a journey with us through time and space to visit Ten Iconic Alien Planets that the TARDIS materialised on in the classic series, and discover the menaces the Doctor faced there...

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