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10 Great TV Shows Made From STUPID Ideas

It's been said that there's no such thing as a bad idea, just bad execution. But the problem with this notion is that suggesting it guarantees you will get flooded with know it all's coming up with the intentionally dumbest ideas imaginable just to prove you wrong.

However, it's not like making something great from something stupid is anything new. Clever showrunners, writers, directors, and so forth have made greatness out of basically nothing plenty of times before.

Sometimes they do this by finding a clever angle on the material, or they just find the right person for the job who takes one look at the assignment, stands up and says "I know exactly what needs to be done".

However it's accomplished, there are a ton of shows out there that, upon their announcement, most people lacking context took one look and asked themselves and presumably their tiny Twitter fiefdoms how in the hell that got greenlit, that then proceeded to blow everyone away upon release.

These shows managed to take their dumb ideas and base premise, and build something truly special out of them.

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