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True Detective hit television screens in 2014 and went on to become a global hit, spawning two follow up seasons and establishing a reputation as murder-mystery drama of the highest quality.

Occult murders, missing children, corrupt cops and drinking, lots of heavy drinking... The mind of creator Nic Pizzolatto must be a pretty bleak place if this is his view of the world, yet the universe of True Detective is utterly compelling due to its honesty and conviction in demonstrating the bravest acts of sacrifice in the face of unimaginable horror.

Pizzolatto tears into accepted institutions of authority, the police, the government, religion and even schools, as being the cause of evil in modern society, all resulting in the acts of human depravity that are as shocking to us as to the cops on the case.

The success of True Detective, however, can be found in three main areas. Firstly, it’s a dark, grounded and uncompromising crime drama with multi stranded plot threads. Secondly, the show offers a philosophical approach behind the motivations of its protagonists and antagonists alike. Thirdly, it’s a complex character study of a group of flawed individuals operating on both sides of the law.

This is a celebration of quintessential modern television, absorbing story telling and career high- note acting from Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Mahershala Ali and many more. And these are the very best episodes...

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