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10 Times Fans Saved Imperfect Albums

Not everything in the music world is black and white. For as much as people love to tear their most hated albums to ribbons and raise up all of the god-tier material, there is a lot of records that seem to fall somewhere in the middle. Though many albums have been far from perfect, sometimes it takes a certain style of fan to save the day.

Even though many of these albums had a lot of potential going for them, a lot of them have been looked at as a lost opportunity in retrospect. These acts may not have gotten it right at the time, but the fan's involvement help turn these albums into something much more than they were on the surface. Whether it was a production issue or a bad running order or even a couple of mediocre tracks, these are the few albums that actually got better after they were released.

Some of the band's have even endorsed these new changes, with labels putting out limited editions of the albums that are more in line with what the audience wants to hear. An artist may have free reign of what they want to create, but when it comes to making a stellar final product, the fans really are the boss.

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