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10 Songs Proven To Make You Happy

The music world has created a billion dollar industry out of playing with our emotions. For as catchy as a tune might be, oftentimes songs have to play to your vulnerable side to get you really invested in what they're saying. There might be a ton of songs coaxing off of sadness and woe, but music is supposed to make you feel good at the end of the day, no matter what your emo brain might be telling you.

Though almost every artist has been known to indulge in more somber affairs from time to time, what really picks a listener off their feet is a song that is one gigantic expression of joy. Regardless of how the song is played, performed, or presented, these songs have never failed to make us feel elated after listening to it.

Rather than the typical songs like "I Feel Good" by James Brown or "Happy" by Pharrell, these are the kinds of songs that can make you feel amazing without ever having to outright say it to your face. Whether it's about love, perseverance, or just the happiness of being alive, these are the kind of jams that we need to get through the tougher times. Have a listen and try not to crack a smile.

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