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10 Greatest Eminem Diss Tracks

Despite being one of rap's most prolific and versatile lyricists, Eminem is also the very last person you'd want to get into a feud with. Over the years, he has launched numerous scathing assaults against his opponents, with diss tracks that not only showcase the rapper's savage lyrical abilities, but also his creative insults, threats and call-outs.

Many of his songs are rife with celebrity insults and passing remarks, but since the early 00s he has had no issue releasing entire songs (often more than one) against those who have insulted him, mentioned his daughter (a bad, bad move) or those he simply doesn't like. Fellow rappers, former friends and music rivals from other genres have all felt Eminem's wrath over the years, and even now he has no problem with bringing out the big guns when he has to.

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