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10 Absolutely Insane Rider Requests By Spoilt Musicians

Multi-platinum award winning musicians seem to have it all. Mansions that put Peach's castle to shame, an entourage of adoring yes-people, every luxury you could possibly imagine and, to top it all off, they get to earn their money by performing hit songs to adoring fans whilst travelling around the world. Because of their lavish lifestyles, it's no surprise that when they do leave the safety of their gold-plated villas they expect to have the same luxuries presented to them everywhere they go.

For that reason, when most musicians sign off on performing a gig, they insist that a list of demands be met before they even consider going on stage. These lists or "riders" as they are more commonly known as, can vary from small treats such as beers and snacks to 54 page dossiers about what temperature the air should be backstage, the colour of the toilet seat and even the request that there is somebody on hand to properly dispose of their chewing gum (more on this later).

So, if you're interested in seeing what the world's most most popular musicians "need" in order to properly focus before a big show, then look no further than this list of 10 absolutely insane rider requests by spoilt musicians.

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