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Red Dead Online LEAK - Halloween Event Screenshots & Details


During a recent leak, it has been revealed that Red Dead Online will receive another Outlaw Pass as early as October 2020.

After a gruellingly dry spell of seven months, Rockstar fans finally got their hands on a fresh update which included tonnes of bug fixes, a new Outlaw Pass, and the controversial Naturalist role.

The role has divided many of the fanbase due to the contradictory way one of the NPC's work. In short, animal lover Harriet chastises players for killing too many animals, yet many of the existing roles and mechanics revolve around hunting to thrive.


Thankfully though, another update is already well on its way thanks to confirmation from data miners that Rockstar will be adding a Halloween themed Outlaw Pass. Like all Outlaw Passes, the Halloween one will likely be filled with 80-100 levels of cosmetic and monetary rewards. Some of those cosmetics ranging from emotes, clothing, and camp themes have had their images leaked via Saiyam on Twitter.


In the images, we see a new machete variant, a rolling rock rifle variant, a spooky theme for the moonshine shack, some leather hand wraps, a blindfold, additional horse masks, and some Halloween themed emotes. More leaks, this time coming from Red Dead Community, detail some of the emotes that will be coming to the pass including a cougar snarl and a hypnotising pocketwatch.

So far the pass seems very bare-bones with many members of the community speculating that this will be a standalone smaller pass compared to the others. Outlaw Pass 3 which is now in the game is 20 levels short than its predecessor which could mean the Halloween pass could be an extension come October.


No word on if a new Frontier Role will be added alongside the pass or whether we may finally get our hand on the fabled collector expansion (PlayStation member currently have early access to new fossil collections).

Stay tuned for further updates from Rockstar with the exciting news that we may also be getting a Grand Theft Auto update this month.

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