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FIFA 21: 10 Most Shocking Ratings

The much-anticipated player ratings for FIFA 21 are here and it's fair to say that they have been met with quite a bit of disappointment from players.

Much of this stems from how EA have decided to approach their ratings for the upcoming game; they have clearly decided that they want to reduce the number of players available with the highest ratings. While this may be disappointing to some, the truth is that, in recent games, the number of high-end golds has become far too high, and it has stifled the ability to make players better in promos.

Unfortunately, this attitude has resulted in many players receiving some big downgrades this year. Some players undoubtedly struggled last season but the extent to which world class players have been nerfed will be surprising to many. Furthermore, some players had phenomenal seasons yet have had their ratings lowered while players who didn't meet their normal standards were given unexplainable upgrades.

It all makes for the most controversial set of ratings on FIFA in quite some time. Here are just a few of them.

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