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Fall Guys: 10 EXPERT Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You


Fall Guys is one of those games that sets off a few thousand lightbulbs around the development community. Where something like Call of Duty's gameplay came first and its multiplayer second, Fall Guys is literally the game-ified version of shows like Takeshi's Castle, Titan Games or Total Wipeout.

That is to say: You and 59 others will compete simultaneously in 21 courses, comprising obstacle gauntlets, pattern-matching, object stealing and collapsible platforms, alongside a ton more.

Ease of access playability-wise has made Fall Guys an immediate hit, with over 1.5 million players diving in across PS4 and Steam on launch day, and indie developers Mediatonic having to suspend servers to fix them every few hours. Sufficed to say, using the same "free for all PS Plus owners at launch" strategy as Rocket League has worked wonders, and we might have 2020's biggest runaway success.

With all that in mind, the more you play the more you'll figure out specific strategies. Some are stage-related, others translate into control scheme secrets that are worth knowing no matter what.

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