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Avengers DLC: Ranking Every UPCOMING Character Worst To Best

Marvel's Avengers has had a somewhat... turbulent past few weeks.

First the beta received mass criticism and greatly hurt the popularity of the game, and now post-release, some of the most prevalent issues from the beta still remain.

Despite these issues, the game itself shouldn't be completely written off, as the combat improves drastically the more you play and the story and characterisation of the heroes is fantastic. The post-launch road map seems really exciting as well, planned out to the end of 2021, at least.

A few heroes have already been confirmed to be playable, such as Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, but we've seen a significant datamine leak from the PC version confirming at least another 14 characters for the future. This featured expected debuts, such as Captain Marvel and Falcon, as well as some uprisings reveals such as Dr. Strange and Mockingbird.

All these characters offer new gameplay styles, potential new locations and ways to further progress the game's story. But it's hard to deny that some sound more exciting than others.

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