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8 Video Game Characters Who Made THE WORST Decisions

It's an inevitable truth that at some point in our lives we will all make mistakes. Whether big or small, it happens and nobody is going to be marching through the pearly gates claiming they had a perfect run (unless they're highly deluded) and as such we should learn not to fear the mistake itself, but how to deal with accepting the fact that they happened.

That being said, when it comes to video games, sometimes the mistake makers in question really did drop the ball, as here we're not just talking about the Jurgenson account being a day late, or forgetting to record Taggart for your nan, but often the very end of the world itself.

Even when charging headlong into the battle, sometimes out favourite heroes can make horrendous decisions that sometimes lead to catastrophic, terrifying or otherwise hilariously dumb outcomes. So let's revel in the regrettable errors our beloved leads have made across their time.

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