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7 Essentials Still Missing From Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has been out for just over three years now but is still missing some essentials to make it the ultimate cowboy experience.

Rockstar has been slowly trickling content over the course of RDO's lifespan, often to the backlash of the community. In 2020, there was a whopping six months gap between updates despite the game requiring some much-needed bug fixes as well.

What's more was the disheartening news each week as Rockstar seemed to be more focused on its ultimate cash cow, GTA Online. Many longtime players of GTA that transitioned to Red Dead had their hopes up that the cowboy adventure would receive similar treatment but thus far seems almost a lost cause.

A major downside to Red Dead Online as it stands is the quite honestly monotonous gameplay surrounding the player roles that were added.

After playing the campaign, players wanted to continue their adventure, robbing banks, building up a gang, and carving their own cowboy legend. Instead, RDO sees players running around for hours trying to photograph and tranquilize a particular rare sheep (that is if the animals even spawn).

Still, this does not stop the community from wishing for more content and voicing their opinions on Rockstar's various socials and subreddits.

This list covers some of the most requested content as well as some content that had been leaked in the game's files.

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