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10 Video Game Features Literally No One Asked For

Video games are becoming bigger and bigger with each passing year.

With the constant competition between studios for the best-selling titles, developers are constantly on the hunt for new ideas, mechanics and features that they can work into their next game in the hopes of attracting a little extra critical acclaim.

Sometimes, it pays off. Games in recent years have become increasingly innovative, with much more variety in gameplay, tone and even basic mechanics that are doing their best to keep the industry from going stale.

Although for every brilliant idea, there's someone else with a contrastingly awful, ridiculous or simply unnecessary feature that they're ready to cram down our throats in whatever way possible.

There are the copycats, who tweak the successful ideas implemented by other games and fail miserably at achieving anything of note with it, and then the features that were intended to be groundbreaking that just felt way too forced.

Some of them may be more enjoyable than others and some are nothing more than an annoying distraction in an otherwise great game, but one thing is for certain: no one asked for them.

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