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10 Video Game Enemies EVERYONE Hates

In order to reach the final boss of a video game, one must be prepared to wade through an absolute barraghe of smaller and more common enemies. With each head you stomp as Mario or slice apart as Link, you get closer to that goal.

However, in some instances it seems like these underlings didn't get the message, and are in fact absolute bruisers or just general pains in the neck for how much grief they give the player.

These are enemies that have almost burned down message boards with how many furious messages flood them concerning how detestable they are. At the end of the day we wanted a challenge but for these ten the only thing they succeeded in doing was uniting the playerbase all around the world in their unified hatred.

From poisoning to petrifying to making you just feel pathetic, the entries on this list are the worst of the worst.


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