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10 Video Game Achievements We Can't Believe People DON'T Have

Achievements and trophies have proven to be a real mixed blessing, haven’t they? On the one hand, they’re a great way to encourage players to try new things in their favourite games, experiment with modes, equipment, side-quests and such that they wouldn’t have otherwise. On the other, they’re often very unimaginative, grindy or problematic in a myriad of ways.

Some of them are just so difficult that they can ruin an otherwise perfect trophy/achievement score. Others are so simple or uninspired that they may as well not have been included in the game at all.

When a title implements achievements that are mostly (or entirely) story related or tied to regular boss battles, they’re just unlocked automatically, with none of that achievement hunting feeling that a lot of players crave. When they’re included just for the sake of having a list, it’s a real waste.

Having said this, it’s arguable that no trophy or achievement is too simple.

After all, some players have seemingly never even escape from a game's first area or customise their character after starting. Here (thanks to PSN Profiles’ useful data) are some trophies that should really be 100% unlock rates… but somehow aren't.

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